Default object wireframe colour for imported objects


This might sound like a trivial issue but its been bugging me with the current job I’m working on. I’m importing a lot of individual models from fbx files and the wireframe colour (when the object isn’t selected) is always a very light grey/white by default. This is so close to the white selected wireframe colour that it makes identifying meshes difficult.

I realise its super easy to simply change the object/wireframe colour to something random but for some odd reason I often find the wireframe colour reverts to light grey (possibly as a result of detaching/attaching elements?). It seems like Max is applying the white colour when the object has ‘no colour’ assigned (indicated by the black and white command panel swatch next to the object name). So I’m wondering has anyone else found this to be an issue and also if there is some secret or hacky way to change the colour Max assigns to imported meshes by default to something that stands out better…?

edit - I guess one option would be to change the colour used for the wireframe of selected objects to something other than white :slight_smile: But I’m still curious if anyone has any ideas.

Update 2 - Changing the wireframe selected colour only seems to work for some objects… For the record Im using Max 2014.

Update 3 - Just noticed collapsing to editable poly from Unwrap UVW modifier is re-setting my wireframe colour to the light grey. Maybe I have some kind of plugin glitch or something…


The black and white box is “by layer” for object color. Some combination of “by object\by layer” and assign random colors in the object color dialog and “default to by layer for new nodes” maybe? The default wire color was a light grey and layer 0 default is white so not exactly a contrasty bonanza if you’ve got a grey viewport background.


Thanks gfh - thats a big help! I’m not sure how I missed the black and white box was showing colour ‘by layer’- that might also explain the switching back to light grey behaviour. Being on 2014 my layer colours are less visible (I use outliner for managing layers) so it wasn’t really on my radar. I’ll have another play around with the options.

Update - Ive just worked out why unwrap UVW was resetting my object colours to l.grey and also as I found this morning overriding the layer colour… it was my Polyunwrapper plugin. In its general settings there is a Wire colour> Common Colour setting which was set to light grey. There is also a ‘Restore on Exit’ tick box and this was unticked for some reason. -thanks again :slight_smile: