Deep paint vs Maxon Bodypaint 3D


would like to hear some opinions about this…


I’m not super experienced in any of them… but it seems like Deep Paint wins in my world…
it’s not perfect… but still pretty cool

Body Paint has to have it’s own texture format… not overly very flexible…


not true.

Bodypaing can use it’s own format (.b3d), Photoshop PSD, tiff, jpg or png, one for each channel (with layers on a psd or b3d).

You can paint on multiple channels at once, you have UV-Editing out of the box, it’s fast.

I know a lot of great work comes out of DP… but BP3D is very powerful, especially when you compare DP’s price to BP3D.


I’ve had the chance to try both apps and I must say I like Bodypaint a whole lot better. It’s just easier to get qick results somehow. It feels more solid.


I also prefer bodypaint.
It´s damn easy to learn and still very


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