deep paint trouble


hey there fellas i got a prob. painting textures on my model in deep paint 3d. i imported them from maya to deep paint…the road, mountain, and grass will be separate textures and on different layers. each layer is not at the default of 512x512, i put them at 1024x1024 so the image will be larger, but when i paint on the model and then export them to photoshop and then apply the textures in maya they look blurrry when rendered. and i am rendering them at production quality. any advice on what i could be doing wrong


Consider working on at least triple the resolution you render! ( e.g if you are renderning a film 2k res image ( 2048x1536), then your texture should be at least 5000x3450! , btw…the bump map exported by deep paint tends to be little blurry…perhaps if you lower the bump opacity a bit?

I hope this helps!



thanks for the reply i will try that


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