Deep Paint 3D and DEEP UV


I have this plugins for 3D Studio but i don´t have manual. Is somewhere on web manual for download?


You can get copies of the manuals from Right Hemisphere.

The Deep Paint 3D manual costs $995US + shipping and comes with a free CD with a copy of Deep Paint 3D on it.

The Deep UV manual costs $795US + shipping and comes with a free CD with a copy of Deep UV on it.



I have a litle problem. I am from Slovakia and 900 US dollars is for me very very much money.
I want some links where are some tutorials for free.


If you can’t afford Deep Paint 3D and Deep UV then don’t use them, get something cheaper like Body Paint or Z Brush.

I know the guys who make Deep Paint and Deep UV and they are a great bunch of guys that deserve to be paid for their hard work.



If you knew them then you would know that they have their manuals and tutorials for FREE on their website in .PDF format who have downloaded the Trail version.

Wampa: Here’s the link to the FREE Tutorials download from DeepPaint:



No matter what the country, piracy is piracy…!


Where did he say he was doing anything with Piracy? To assume such a thing when someone is asking for help is just ignorance. At the school I go to we all have Deep Paint and Deep UV there and I have downloaded the tutorials to print up and use at school. He didn’t say anything about piracy, he was just asking for tutorials and last I looked there was a 30 day trial period.




He first asked for manuals, and mentioned that he HAD the plug-ins for Max…

So, if one HAS the software, why wouldn’t one have the manuals? Probably because one downloaded the plugs from the web, along with a list of serial numbers, and is now looking for the manuals…

And why do I get singled out to harrass because I am speaking out against piracy? Why not Crazy Max, who even had the little smiley face waving the ‘naughty, naughty’ finger a few replies back…?!?

Oh yeah, must be the apple avatar and the ‘MacRonin’ handle… Gotta dump on the Mac guys, just on general principle, huh…?

The automatic judgement of PC users towards Mac users makes me think I should expect to have a golden apple sewn onto my jacket, and get herded onto the trains taking myself and other Apple users to the camps for further ‘processing’…


First off I don’t care about Macs vs. PC because I’m versitile on both. That’s just another assumption you made without any legitimacy towards the claim. Second my response WAS to Crazy Max since you were not in a single post before that.

I also have the plugins… AT SCHOOL! Plus, like I said, THERE’S A 30 DAY FREE TRIAL WITH THE PLUGINS! THE PLUGINS are also free, or atleast the Rhino one is ( just look on that page), it’s the actual program that’s not. I have downloaded the manuals here too so I can print them up and put them in a spiral notebook with my classnotes to be easily accessible. Even if I did have it I would still work at the school since the dual Pentium IV 1.7 Zeons with 2 gigs of memory, ultra scsi drives and Fire GL videos cards are a helluva lot faster than anything I could afford to build.

I like your avatar, why the hell would you think that I was dumping on you? It’s not yours nor my place to police people unless we have some sort of authority to do such. You and I saying, “no, no” to someone who has pirated software is not going to change thier ways. Yes, we are his peers and that does hold some prevelance towards their judgement but not a whole lot towards us making someone who wants to be an artist put down the tools he works with.

There are some people out there that don’t have the opportunities we do here in the U.S. to attend such colleges and have jobs to be able to pay for such expensive software. I know I for one can’t even afford to build a decent computer to run the software let alone have the software on here.

I’ve actually heard a number of software vendors say that they know that people pirate their software and that they don’t mind (or just can’t do anything about it) as long as they don’t use it for commercial use to make money. I heard that from a guy from Alias two years ago at the Delphi Convention. That’s one reason that Lightwave, Alias, SideFX and others are coming out with Educational/Learning Editions which are free for download. They don’t want to keep the community of users at a minimum because then no one would know how to use their software and thus not buy it. The more people they have using it the more people they have as potential customers when they do get the money to afford it by working for a CG Compnay or going into business for themselves.

Also, I know for a fact that a good bit of the people working in the CG Industry learned off of pirated software. Then they were able to make the money at their job (where they were working on legitimate licenses) and were able to pay for their own licenses from the vendors.

Anyway, here in the U.S. it’s innocent until proven guilty. I haven’t seen anything in here that says that he’s guilty beyond a reasonable doubt. All I’ve seen is someone asking for help.

If you feel like he’s pirating then report him to Right Hemisphere. I really doubt that even if he is they’re going to be able to do anything since he’s so far away and the claim can’t be 100% verified as pirated.




Uh, look up, there I am, posting after Crazy Max…

You replyed to CMs post about knowing the DP3D folks, and then you posted after MY post which had a one-liner about piracy…

And no matter what the industry does, or the how vendors feel about piracy, it is still illegal!

So nothing you say will make it okay to steal the hard work of another…

As for the self-rightous stance vis a vis being a Mac user, just a reflex action at this point… Maybe that would change if folks wouldn’t automatically dump on us so much!


It’s o.k. about the Mac thing, I know how you feel. A lot of PC users dump on Mac. I am more for the PC than a Mac though but I know they have their place in the chain.

I’m not saying it’s right, I’m just saying that’s how it is. With certain laws in process of being brought up for approval there will be things even worse than what MS has done with XP and TCPA/Palladium.

Also, it’s only illegal in certain countries that have that legislation. The licensing agreement you see at the beginning can only be held accountable in the countries with legislation able to back them up. So what may be illegal to us may be legal for him in his country.

Plus, the war on piracy can be taken to extremes. Just look at the last two quotes I’ve put.

“They that can give up essential liberty to obtain a little temporary safety deserve neither liberty nor safety.”
Benjamin Franklin

“Never has our ability to shield our affairs from prying eyes been at such a low ebb. The availability and use of secure encryption may offer an opportunity to reclaim some portion of the privacy we have lost. Government efforts to control encryption thus may well implicate not only the First Amendment rights of cryptographers intent on pushing the boundaries of their science, but also the constitutional rights of each of us as potential recipients of encryption’s bounty.”
US Appeals Court Judge Betty Fletcher

“The VCR is to the American film producer and the American public as the Boston Strangler is to the woman alone.”
Jack Valenti, MPAA




Thank for tip.


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