Deep in the woods, Amberland Sebastian Storz (3D)


Title: Deep in the woods
Name: Amberland Sebastian Storz
Country: Germany
Software: CINEMA 4D, Photoshop, Silo

This is a privat project that i´ve done in my freetime. Its a dwarfen tree hut that lies deep in an echanted forest.I´ve tried to catch a fairy tale feeling in the picture. I rendered it in many layers and composed it in photoshop. The work on the tree,rocks and the mushrooms is done in silo. After that I´ve done some overpainting in Photoshop. Its one of my first works done almost completely in 3D, and I like this way of working on a picture. (Although it needs am big amount of time^^). I needed 3 weeks to finish it.
I hope you enjoy it


The only thing i can say is “I love it!”.
Congratulation. :bowdown:


i like it, nice mood in the wood


Wow this looks just amazing. Great mood in this picture. I like the colors a lot and the depth you created with your good lightin! Really good work! 4*


Awesome picture! Nice work!:thumbsup:


Great stuff man 5* from me.
Could you share how did you create grass, it looks fantastic.


Cool that you like it!
The grass is done with the Cinema 4D hair module, its a great tool!


Excellent atmosphere and lighting! Is this atmosphere a result of your lighting setup, or it’s most photoshop work?


Cool, tell me could it be exported some how to other 3D packages, or is it just for cinema?


Cool lighting bro


Oh yes, this is delicious! :wink:


The hair module is Cinema4D only, you can buy it as a seperate module (plugin) and it only works with C4D 10 +. The hair is a volume effect, no polys, so it can not be exported to other packages. You can transform it to polys and export it but then you have a to big amount of polygons to work with it.The lights are rendered too, not photoshop painted. Also the lightrays are rendered. Only the glows are painted.


Beautiful work. 5stars


WOW! It deserves more than 5*! :applause:

3 weeks is not big amount of time for piece of work like this!


cool environment! grass looks really nice


Very nice fairy tale feeling :slight_smile:


WOW! Great one… 5* from me…


really wonderful. lighting is fantastic and the texture of the tree house is really good done.
a magnific magic environment


Beautiful work. It looks like a painting :slight_smile:


i love this pic; great piece of art…a real special mood within 5*