Deep composting / Nuke


Hi Guys,

I am new in the techniques of deep composting and card system in Nuke, all in all, I am new in Nuke, I would like to make a showreel contains Matte-painting composting shots and life action shots blended with 3d , like big films, of course, this shots will be from my own work but I need to do this showreel as soon as possible ,
How I can get that and what is your pieces of advice for me?


You say you need something as soon as possible. How soon do you think you need it? For a reel, I would say quality over quantity. So it won’t be quick. I don’t know your current skillset as it relates to what you would like to get on your reel, so it may take longer than expected as well. Don’t rush it, take your time, actually learn the theory and the software, and let things happen organically. If you rush it, you won’t learn much. As for tutorials, there’s a ton of resources for learning Nuke online. Here’s a few.


Thanks, Remi for your advice and the tutorials that is what I need.
the reason of doing the reel as soon as possible because there is a company offers some position for CG artists moreover it is working by Nuke
I already have some experience in composting by AfterEffect but AfterEffect is limited in this area and the result doesn’t professional. Nuke is recommended.