Deconstructing the Elements with 3ds max 6 at Siggraph


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A few people have asked me if the book is going to be available at Sig, and I’ve had definite confirmation from the publisher that it is… and then some…: for each 3ds max demo session (of which there are a fair amount!) at the Discreet booth, they will be raffling off a copy of the book to the attendees! It will also be available from the Focal Press / Elsevier booth before it hits the outlets in the U.S.

Current pre-orders are now being fulfilled, so if you pre-ordered the book a while back yours is going to be one of the first ones sent out before they hit the shops (however if you can’t wait that long you could always get it from sig and then cancel the order :smiley: )

General gump on the contents (ripped from the release over at !)


Foreword by Jason Busby
About the Author

Why 3ds max?
3ds max 6
Your Level of Experience
You are only as good as your reference material!
Tutorial Structure
The Video Tutorials

The Elements:
01 Candle
02 Match
03 Gas Hob
04 Oil fire
05 Flamethrower
06 Tunnel Explosion
07 Fireworks
08 Coals

09 Glass of Lemonade
10 Calm Seas
11 Stormy Seas
12 Underwater
13 Moving Surface Water
14 Rain
15 Hailstones
16 Snowflakes
17 Lava Lamp

18 Volcanic Terrain
19 Lava
20 grass and dirt
21 Grasses
22 Frozen Wastelands
23 Mountain
24 Asteroid

25 Cigarette Smoke
26 Tornado
27 Volcanic Eruption
28 Pyroclastic Flow

The Next Step and Further Reading
Plug-In Solutions
Tutorial Support

PLUS 4 additional video tutorials (Wood Fire, Lightning, Waterfall, Procedural Clouds) with around 6 hours of training on the DVD ROM plus all the reference material and full-size screenshots you’ll need for each printed and video tutorial, and additional scenes where the effect has been “taken further”.

Examples of the final tutorial results, and sample pages can be found here:




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