decimation master for Mudbox


Mudbox dosnt have that feature
However you can get Meshlab (free) and it does the same Exact thing !!!


Or you could wait for something else I’m writing that is currently under restricted alpha thats totally new tech. :wink:



You know, i hinted not so long ago here when the SDK came out and i saw what you were up to…i feckin knew you’d be losing sleep over a decimation master type thingie. :slight_smile:

cheers for the link Ash,i could definitely use me that.

EDIT: DL’d it. Tried it about 10 times,crashes at about 10-20% every time.


Well as I gave more details at the 3d Max london user group I can go into a little bit more detail now. The poly reduction I’ve been working on (At this stage called’Reducto’), is a brand spanking new algorythm that i invented myself, it’s also one that no other app has or will have unless I add it…it rewrites (hopefully) the rule book for poly reduction.

I showed the samples last night, the main one being a 12 million tri mesh and a 1/2 milion tri count mesh…both looked indentical. (Ask some of the guys that were there for an unbiased view.)

For more techy types: The quardatic algo used in just about every poly reduction out there was in my opinion never meant as an ‘end point’ but rather to inspire. So I came up with my own that includes its own rudimentary AI that is programmed from an artists perspective, not a programmers. As with MudWalker its aimed to be a simple ‘1 click’ no thinking needed solution. Its taken so far over a year to get to the restricted build thats is being tested at the moment.



Hats off mate,you never fail to surprise. And here was me thinking you were just “that bloke from Durham who creates shedloads of monsters” :slight_smile:

Sounds very interesting indeed.looking forward to hearing more.


wawo…cant wait that’s for sure
So would that hold the quad option , or all tri


…well I could tell you…but then I’d have to kill you, which isn’t a very good way to make friends lol.



I was at said meeting. Although I knew which model was the low poly one, (it looked identical but the AO effect was lighter than the original) everybody’s jaws dropped. Trust me, this thing is revolutionary.
Nice presentation btw DW… now if we can get talking about those things we were talking about. Still aint got your e-mail yet :stuck_out_tongue:

I still owe you a couple of pints, quota aint used up yet…


Sorry its been like bedlam this side with that many things to sort out and deadlines looming in a very short time. (Its gonna take me 2 weeks after it all to just to get caught up on the real life stuff lol) I’ll get that email about the thing we talked about off tonight…providing my daughter teething doesn’t kick off again lol.

It’s good to hear that it came across as well as I’d hoped. The nightmare was if people ‘didnt get it’ and went ‘so what’ lol… Especially as its core is standalone so could be applied to any app. But trust me there have been times during dev of this when I wanted to take a hammer to the PC lol.



if you can make a reduction algorithm that makes quads and it works for OS X, I’ll be your best friend.


You would have to buy him a mac first, he dont have one. :slight_smile:


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