December 2015 - Vera Sakhnuk


Hi everyone! I’m glad that the challenges are back :keenly:
I sketched up the garage and started build it in 3d. I still don’t know what to do with the background though.

Raw sketch


Whoa! Impressive but I think it doesn’t tie in right. To make it feel like it’s sitting in the right world, maybe create the environment around it as something like an industrial area with lots of cranes and sophisticated machinery. That might make it all more balanced because right now the plate elements seem really simple compared to the add-ons.


I didn’t update my thread for a while.
So now I’m posting the wips and the final result.
It was really great to come back to matte painting challenges.
Happy new year to all of you guys :keenly: and I’m hoping to see the new awesome challenges next year!


and the final result


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