December 2015 - Jack Stevens


Hey guys, looking forward to all the entries this month! Heres a quick concept (With Grade) Ive been putting together tonight. Ill refine it for the weekend and lock it down before doing prep on the plate.


Very nice concept. Particularly for setting mood with the grade and sky. Looking forward to seeing you tighten up the edges and what you have in mind for the apartment.


Hey Dave
Thanks a lot! Glad youre liking the concept so far! Yeah I want to flesh out my idea for the apartment more so Ive started adding some form to it to give people an idea of it at the minute, I will add more to this tomorrow before I lock down the concept.

I wanted to add more snow to the image with the idea of having a secondary matte painting that I can reveal as the cars drive through the ice/snow. I love the aestetic of the film and tv show Fargo so ive tried to play on that a little bit for my concept so far.
I have been working at the weekend so I havent had much time but starting monday I will be doing prep on the plate for this. I dont like having so many cars driving past on screen right so Im wanting to make it feel more rural.

With christmas coming up I will be going back to ireland for 10 days so Im gonna have to speed through this!


This is looking great! Love the Fargo inspiration idea, and the snow will be fantastic if you can pull it off :slight_smile:


Thanks derek! I hope I can pull the snow off, its gonna be hard to get it just right.
Here is the final evening of putting my concept together. I went ahead and photobashed some stuff into the apartment area to get the final mood for my shot.

I have created a 3d camera tonight so I can import it into maya and start blocking some geometry out I think getting the sign done in 3d with volumetric lighting will be the best way of doing it.

My to do list for tomorrow is to prep the plate and create an IBL based on my concept. To do this I will take my ungraded concept and use a spherical transform in nuke, I will then blur it and paint on top to give me a general colour for the scene so I can match the lighting vaguely.

Cheers for the comments so far guys! Looking forward to seeing other entries coming in.



Quite smart what you did there!


It’s looking sweet, man! Love the grade! Can’t wait to see your sign come to life! Are you gonna have it blink on and off? Are you working on internal lights also, aye? What’s an IBL if you dont mind me asking and how does it work with what you’re aiming to do?


Image based lighting, using an image to light the model, that is a simple as I can explain it,


Thanks guys,
Yeah man Im thinking of changing my sign to a sort of neon sign and have one of the letter flash. I was considering having one of the sections in the main garage lit up with a volumetric light so I will look into that soon.
Richard is right, Im using the plate as a basis for my IBL so I can get a similar lighting setup for my 3d work with minimal effort. Since its a mostly overcast day I was able to mirror my image and blur it so it kinda simulates a 360 degree image that could have been taken on that day.

So I have been doing a few things this weekend. first of all Im doing all the invisible matte painting/prep for the shot such as removing the cars on screen left and removing the original sign. Ive also removed the yellow/orange part of the main building which was just personal taste. Today I have been building a few assets and I am starting to construct my 3D scene. Heres how its looking so far. I will be overpainting on top of my final render to add variation, texture and breakup.

I am also currently setting up a 3D projection of my matte painting from Novembers challenge so I will post it once its complete


Progress has been a little slow recently, but here is my final prepped plate ready for matte painting. I will continue to build my 3d scene and try and get it rendered asap.

Ive been looking into a couple techniques to integrate snow into the plate so I will try and post up about that soon. I am flying back home next tuesday so I may have to upgrade my dropbox again and finish the matte painting on my laptop.


Here is some more progress on the shot.

I am continuing to update my nuke script and make sure the key and track works. Will update with more soon!


Here is an update of my comp so far, testing out some snow I painted. It will be layered on top with more snow that im currently working on. Im gonna work on some roto for areas and continue to refine the key.


Hey guys, Here is another update on the snow, just got a few more passes to do on it and do some roto for the moving elements. I am finishing up the sign and getting ready to comp it in with some lights. Need to add some snow to the apartment on top and add some grunge and variation to the garage walls.


I think this is gonna be one of the final updates for this month! I have been updating some snow into the scene, changing the grade a tiny bit (but will have to double check on my proper monitor back in london before uploading the video) and I have started integrating the sign and some light into the building. I want to add some falling snow and subtle atmospherics by possibly using some stock footage from mitch martinez. I think I may add a small push in too just to build suspense to the scene and make it feel more like an establishing shot.

Hope everyone has had a good xmas/holiday!



looking great Jack… a really nice mood :slight_smile: cheers dave


Hey Dave

Thanks a lot, glad everyone seems to like the mood I went for.
Here is the final image from the comp.

Here is the ungraded and uncomped matte painting.


Cheers guys, had a lot of fun with this one!


Nice. Looks cold up there