December 2015 - Dave Tipper


Hi all, first WIP, photobash and a look at some geo. cheers


Wicked start. Right on. I think he’d need some more space to live though, and a few signs of life would help, too. Something like a barbeque and maybe laundry being dried outside?


thanks Milan, have done some reno work and extended it, and will work on the set dressing. cheers dave


just a bit more detailing


now off to try a comp, cheers dave


another update from comp… still a few things to tweak, hope I don’t run out of time. cheers dave



Really love what you did with the rotating sign, works really well. I think you nailed the mood with the highway going past and the low lying fog over the buildings.


Really nice result and very realistic !


hey, thanks for the comments…
so I think this is it for me, so the ungraded matte and plate below and a link to the vid. good luck everyone, a great challenge :slight_smile:



Looking really good Dave, the comp has a real feeling to is, especially that rotating sign, props for that.

I like that you didn’t go crazy with the grade, it makes the scene much more realistic. It’s nice to see subtlety in an area that is so often pushed into the realms of silliness.


Just popped in, to have a look love the sign,

think you are missing a trick with the highway, a couple of moving cards with trucks, busses cars on and motion blur can sell that as a busy highway, just place them behind will give a extra edge to the shot,

Love this, and Happy New Year Dave,



Hey, thanks for the comments guys. Yeah I know what you mean Richie, could do with some vehicles up there, and I did try last week but it looked naff so I left them off till I can do a better job… out of time now so that and getting a greater sense of depth with my snow will have to be learnings for another day :slight_smile: cheers dave


Cool! Think you nailed the atomsphere on this month challenge. Congratz :keenly:


Really nice work!