December 2015 - Andrew Burles


Hi everyone! - first off, Merry Christmas!

So I didn’t get a chance to start this one until about 2 weeks ago, I haven’t had a chance to upload anything yet but I have a bunch of images of my progress so far.

I had an image in my head of what I wanted so I went through a few early developments of the kind of mood I wanted with the sky, for me it was always dusk, around twilight just before all the street lights start to turn on.

I also knew form the start I wanted this garage to be isolated, hot and lonely, somewhere like the outskirts of Arizona.

Hopefully I will get this done in time, we will see. :arteest:

Here is where I am so far, I need to lower the intensity of the light on the sign, and add some trees and bits in on screen left.

I also want to add in a clothesline and finish the front bricks/roller doors with some graffiti.


Just another update for today, I have added some more trees, and cleared the cars on the left and cleaned up the garage roller doors, still some things to add and clean up, adjustments, blur etc.

Grade is still just a placeholder at the moment, will set it in comp.


Hey Andrew great to see you back… as expected that looks awesome, really nice scene - look forward to the comp :slight_smile: dave


Thankyou for your comment, Dave :slight_smile:

Here is my final comp, it was nice to get stuck into Nuke this time around.





I think this is great as it is. Almost perfect. You could take it and
plug it right into the movie already. It has the perfect amount of
subtly while still showing the maximum possible creativity within a
very strict realistic boundary. It’s photo-real. Congratulations. I am
very happy with this result. The approach, hard work, attention to
detail and documentation of the process are also outstanding. Just the
right amount of everything without too much information or
distraction. If I could be nit-picky with the final image it’d be
regarding the sign and the artificial light on it. Try to beat it up a
bit more and integrate it better by adding dirt etc. You’ve already
done a good amount of imperfecting on it and it might just be the
large amount of white within the design but something makes it stand
out to much and you don’t want to make the shot about a big bright
sign. Lower the saturation maybe and try making it less distracting.
The fall-off of the light could also be too harsh. In a real studio
environment a compositor would assist you with the proper integration
of that. All in all. Very impressive.