This is my 10 second character animation I made for my June Exam. Any critism will be greatly appreciated



Thats pretty good actually, I like how you used his body language to express him. Just a few things, i would really love to see some kind of feet position changing, im not sure if you didn’t move them on purpose or just laziness (i hate feets too… ;)) but it would add a lot to him. Right now he is glued to the ground, which feels a bit strange since he waves around with his body a lot.

How is the facial setup? His face is one of the major thing you really notice, due to his large chin, and some work on that part animation wise would help a lot too for the lipsyncing, because right now it feels off since it doesnt match that well to his body language.

His eyes… it would really help to bring his iris and those parts forward texture wise, right now he feels eyeless (not sure if thats a design choice or not, so please tell me if im wrong here… :))

Overall, keep polishing and it will turn out good.



Thanks for responding so soon

You got me about the feet, that was laziness lol

The blendshapes for the face are limited and there is no lipsyncing whatsoever. Our lecturer wanted us to focus more on gestures instead of lypsyncing but you’re right that it does hinder the animation

I dilated the pupils purposely but I agree that they are difficult to see

Since I’ve only started to learn animation this year and that animation was created in made in June. I’m a bit more experienced now so I’ll work on it again and again to resolve the issues you mentioned and then show you.

Your crit is going to help me alot
Thanks :slight_smile:


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