Death of Evil, Armin Sokocevic (2D)


Title: Death of Evil
Name: Armin Sokocevic
Country: USA
Software: Painter

I am a big fan of Samurai Jack. This is my version of the brave samurai warrior finally getting to his target. This is a pencil/watercolor gray scale drawing colored in Painter.


nice ink work on the tiger. good textures and rendition of the character, but the pose is a little static (too frontal) and lacks emotion. could tie in together with the background more.


Hello! Thank you for your comments. I have to say that I disagree with you on your static/lack of emotion comment. This image was created in the likes of this or this . The symmetric (too frontal) pose expresses stability which is with the lack of (visible) emotion one of the essences of the samurai way. You are right about the need to unify the piece more. I was thinking of adding an S shaped serpent/demon behind the samurai. That would be an ink drawing just like the tiger.
Oh, I see I uploaded the version with no drop shadow. Have to fix that.
Thanks again!


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