Death Of A Textbook, Ian Link (3D)


Title: Death Of A Textbook
Name: Ian Link
Country: USA
Software: 3ds max

I was frustrated with school so i took (digital) revenge upon this evil, evil book. I used 3ds max 8.0, took all my own phototextures and used Brazil to render it all out. Modeling is all basic stuff - sub-ds and primitives. The scene is lit by two lights (one omni, one spot) and an HDR environment. I did post in photoshop 7.0 where i added a slight glow and the depth of field. All told, it took me about 10 hours, excluding rendering time and including taking photos. I hope you enjoy it; i certainly had a great time making it.
>> Hi resolution image <<

>> Hi resolution image <<


I’m afraid I don’t really know what I’m looking at. It looks like a book with a small vibrator sitting on it?


Have to agree with Marcusy vbmenu_register(“postmenu_2743064”, true); …


:sad: its a pen…


Hummm thats an small pen then… or it is an huge book :D.
Maybe you can give it an BG. I like the book. nice detail and so… but the pen looks a bit odd.

Keep up !!


Thanks, Purc! The pen is actually correctly proportioned to the book…i had them both in front of me when i did it. I’m going to update it later with a couple of changes; including a backround, a more pen-ish pen and a couple texture corrections.


Ah cool :D.
Maybe you can make an typical BIG pen.


or even an actual knife. but be careful choosing the title of the book to cross with the knife

maybe choose something other than american pageant. maybe a maths book or something :thumbsup:


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