"Death of a Clown..." , Mathias Kollros (2D)


Title: “Death of a Clown…”
Name: Mathias Kollros
Country: Austria
Software: Photoshop

…or “Clown of Death”
behind the funny picture you see here hides a dark story about a Clown named Bobo, a bunch of mean children and a mixture of animosity and hatred…and revenge
quite scary,hu?
done in Photoshop CS3 for practising and fun


Always Beautiful Style 5 *


Very good job, and I love it , the only regret the feet are not quite worked.


Very nice work on the head. I really like the painterly style. I agree with the previous comment about the feet. Perhaps they should be larger too to create foreshortening effect? Great painting altogether!


Huh… This is really disgusting picture. Drawn very well, but I vomited when one begins to look at these larvae in his head. I think you want just the right effect …


Love the job on the face, lot of detail. Great colors as well.

I think that the feet need to be increased in size a lot. and moved down on the ground plane. I would say really try to think where you are sitting in the scene. Currently, we’re about 4 feet in front of this guy, so his feet, which are really close to our face, are going to be taking up a lot more of our vision and are going to be a lot bigger. I did a quick paintover to illustrate this.

Great work again and hope to see more.


thx everybody for the comments; I tried to concentrate most details in the light area to get the focus there
I agree that the feet arent working that good; big thx for your time and advice Cole it was intended to make him very small, nearly dwarf-like so your paintover is a bit too much but it would definately add alot of depth to the picture and the composition is also more interesting oh by the way, Im a big fan of your work so double thx :wink:


MAGnificent technic of colouring and lighting man!!


I love how you portrayed the clown. He looks somehow scary but funny at the same time, lol. The level of detail is pretty good to and elements that you normally see on rotten corpse are pretty well conveyed here. The only thing that’s bugging me is the lower part of the painting, where you on the top did a really a really good job with all the details, but on the bottom it just kinda of gets boring. Maybe you wanted to focus on the top part of the image where the light takes more action, but I think you should take some time to give a better finish to the lower part as well, because I think this image could become something even greater than it’s.


awesome work! love your style!


Hi Mathias:
very cool spot lighting on his face as usual ,
and the face of the dark feeling clown is very cool ,
you did a great job mate!




amazing piece man! im a littlebit scared of clowns and this one scares me allot


thx for all your precious comments

daRoz: thank you man; I`m waiting to see some new work from you mate :wink:

Oission: your definately right, I could have pushed the lower area more
for competitions or comissioned work I always render everything out as good as possible but in my very personal pieces I try to finish them quite fast; I`ll take more attention to this in my next work

nekro: thx mate, I`m also a big fan of your own style

Alon: feels good to hear this from you my friend…very good^^

dchan: haha, for some reason I dislike clowns myself…maybe that`s why I did this picture


yea Mathias I hope it’ll be soon, so already now I can thank you for help with that, it was very important and it helped me, I think :smiley:


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