Dealing with triangles and bad topology caused by dynamesh?


Is there a way to deal with the triangles and badly placed quads after dynameshing a model? I am looking for a solution without retopologizing the whole body… Can i fix this bad geometry?


Why not QRemesh?

It’s easier than fixing this. Dynamesh will always throw you the triangles.


The solution is to not use dynamesh after the initial phase of your sculpting. You use that in a transitional phase between a primitive or zsphere skeleton and a properly topologized sculpt, to get nice and even face distribution while making large/medium-sized details.

Bluntly put, and completely in my experience, once you move much closer than half-figure on a full-body sculpt, it’s time to discard the dynamesh and retopologize it properly, since you’ll start to feel the lack of proper topology at that point (Especially around the eyes and mouth) and will be wasting a lot of time trying to force the mesh to assume the shape you want.

Those are my two cents on the matter.


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