Dealing with multiple comp. with scene preview


Hi all,
if anyone can give me a light on this I would be very grateful;
I’m thinking here how I’d deal with multiple characters (comp) at same time and interacting with each other but seeing a preview in real time.
If I have a “master comp” with “char1_comp” all set up with links and puppet points, and “char2_comp” all set up as well. When I animate the char1, I can’t see the background and the other character because it is the char1 and 2 that are inside the master comp and not otherwise… and obviously I can’t drag the master comp to the background of char_1. This is a problem that I could kinda solve rendering the master comp, etc but I really wonder if there isn’t a simpler solution to this. Perhaps I missed something very obvious but I couldn’t find any place talking about this.

Thanks in advance


I don’t follow. Nothing stops you from keeping the background separate and using it over and over again as a guide layer/ invisible layer. You’re too bent on trying to use only a few pre-comps. Use more! Can’t fix that issue with your characters, though, since circular nesting is impossible. So your best bet is to use two locked comp viewers side by side…



Thanks Mylenium! yeah in case of two characters interacting with each other I think I’ll need to do as you say and use the comps side by side.
Thanks again!


Another option would be to drag just a few key layers from your master comp into the char comps, to use as a temp background. I usually do this to help line things up and get a better idea of how it looks, just remember to turn it off when you leave that pre-comp.


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