Dealing with MoText animation on render farms


One of the snafus of working with animated 3D MoText is when you need to get things rendered on an offsite farm.

Becasue the odds are that a farm may not have the font you need installed on their nodes, the artist is forced to make text editable which can cause complications and slow down production a bit. Espcially when having to make changes later.

I am wondering if it might be possible for MAxon to (somehow) embed fonts (or some other clever trick) when collecting a job for output to a farm, just like it does for textures, audio, alembics and other source files associated with the job.


It should work for reading and rendering the file. The font missing options would primarily happen once you try to edit something. Did you have such issues where it didn’t work? Maybe it would be worth reporting them as a bug.


I must say I never tried mo-caching the text–assuming that the farm would still need the user font installed in order to display properly. I always assumed that mo-caching would only bake the effector animation not retain the font look /feel.

I will give that a shot!


I’ve always had font issues when network-rendering if the client machine doesn’t have the font - MoCache or not.


I have a windows and a mac system, so oftentimes I’m not using the same font but I can still have the chance to select MoText and make it editable if I need to preserve the font.

In that sense, I think the caching is in there. It should be reported if it doesn’t work out.


Can’t you give them the font ?




I would be surprised if mocaching works for retaining the font. I think that’s going to cache all of the animation information but won’t retain the font.