DEADPOOL: Test Footage of R-Rated Animated Movie by Blur Studio


Well… Supposedly struggling to get a greenlight, test footage for the zany and violent animated film based on Marvel’s DEADPOOL has come online.

See it for yourselves:

DEADPOOL test footage

My personal view is it’s too realistic. But definitely top notch work.

I have a feeling they could have tried doing this in a different direction, but can’t deny Blur Studio pulled it off. Just that it looks like a live action film in places.

Apparently the DEADPOOL animated film is the brainchild of Tim Miller, whom we all know as the founder and director of Blur Studio - makers of all those CG Video Game trailers.

What some may not know is that Tim Miller was also involved in a lot of VFX work for quite a few superhero projects under Fox, but it seems Fox is hesitant to give DEADPOOL the greenlight.

DEADPOOL would be Tim Miller’s first credit as Director on a theatrical feature if it goes to production.


I don’t think the ultimate goal was to make an animated movie, this demo was just animated because it was easier than filming.


That would be quite wasteful… and kind of out-of-character I think for Tim Miller… who strikes me as a very economically minded manager.

If it’s just Pre-Viz it didn’t have to look that good… nor have a Cadillac Escalade replica in it.

Also the action and cinematography displayed will not translate to live-action. It’s very hard to do this with the same “slapstick gore” result in live action.


CGI going photo realistic like this always ends up with the whole uncanny valley thing going on.


Well… I don’t really subscribe to that theory anymore. There is risk, yes, but “always”? No.

The Valley has been a myth for a number of years now with people staring straight into CG doubles but not knowing the actor was replaced with CG. :stuck_out_tongue: Many times now if you’re not told something is CG nobody knows it’s CG. Dan Platt is living proof. Most moviegoers didn’t know the young Jeff Bridges in TRON LEGACY was CG. A lot of people did on our community of course. But practically no one knew Dan also had a CG Bruce Boxleitner in the same film that people always assumed was another actor:

A lot of people also failed to catch Dan Platt’s CG Double for Kevin Bacon in X-Men First Class which was good enough for some pretty close shots.

That said… I understand what you are describing…the “uncomfortable analog of the real world”. Like I said the DEADPOOL footage is “too realistic”… There’s something sapped from it due to the way the shaders are “too much like our own world”.

There’s usually a bit more stylization here like… well… with most video game trailers - which is ironic because DEADPOOL is Blur Studio’s work.


That was hilarious, loved deadpool showing the sketch to the guy part, cracked me up :smiley:


Definitely best gag of the show. I saw that (and the double boot up-kick) and I felt: “This isn’t going to work in live action.”

In animation these are straightforward… as live action gags they can be a lot harder to do.


CG Arnie and CG Jeff Bridges looked dead in the eyes… but, this is not to say that it isn’t extremely impressive work…I really do admire the people who put together these shots for these movies.


Blur succeeded in what this test footage was intended for, to see how timing would work in tandem with the dialog and action sequences. Everything else is forgivable in my eyes because that wasn’t the point of the test.

I don’t really see how this would be a problem to translate to live action. Looks like it would be a blend of Spiderman and Kick Ass. :thumbsup:


This looks incredible!
You cant compare this situation to a naked face close up in full daylight but who cares. I thought the humor was trying to be too clever for itself but didnt see what was digital or not.

Damn, top job.


Yeah, agreed on all fronts.

The assumption it wouldn’t translate to live action with VFX seems based on not much else than prejudice of sorts.

I wouldn’t mind it if it was more spiderman than kick-ass, and maybe stylized even a notch past that. Not Ultraviolet though, please, for the love of all that’s holy, NOT Ultraviolet :slight_smile:

I would probably also take it if it was a very long, cinematic style product like they have now though, I have no issues with that venue being explored again and Blur at this point has probably matured the sensibilities to do it tastefully, FF:TSW (and possibly BeoWulf) have kept that alley closed for too long at this point.


It was just a feeling… :stuck_out_tongue:

Agreed on that last bit. Assuming the look could be developed further, and polished so that it kind of has a more “cartoon appeal”… Then Yes… DEADPOOL would be great as the one that “re-opens the alley”. :slight_smile:


I know its a bit of a change of topic…but what ever happened to Pixar doing R Rated animations?..I mean, did I imagine that?..I distinctly remember in 2003 in the news that Pixar was going to do R Rated movies.

It seems that nowadays R Rated films are in the minority?


Loved the black sense of humour, and that drawing was just awesome.


It’s not profitable as G rated stuff, it’s all about money.


You should probably add a smiley somewhere in that statement (mine, I mean).
Yes, I was calling you prejudiced towards live action (with good reason :wink: ), but in good spirit. Reads completely the wrong way though. Bloody internets.


After Matrixes, Blades, Spidermans, Kickasses etc etc I don´t see how over-choreographed action could still pose a problem these days?


Well actually I found the last incarnation of Spidermans and Supermans ‘super-hero-action’ shots a bit too cartooney for the live action flicks that they were supposed to be. But I didn’t think much of the rest of the films either so that makes me less forgiving of these faults too.

Blur can definitely kick some ass here-even if the bad guys were cut and paste of each other. But its just a test after all.
But if it were a live action flick would Tim Miller and Blur get behind it?!
Too bad about Goon having so much trouble. I’d like to see that even more.


The brown pants and sketch made me laugh. The R rating I don’t get? A ploy to get an audience? Good writing will do that and this clip had a bit of it.


the lifeless behavior of the bad guys ruined it for me