Deadlines / Time schedules.


The deadlines for the first phase of the short film are as follows:

Phase 1:

20th May: Start line!

May 23rd: Modeling deadline. (2 rooms and cubes)

Friday May 27th: [color=orange]Animating te[/color]sts MUST be given up by this time.

Friday May 27th: Animatic and 2d pre-vis must be given up by this time.

Friday May 27th: Rigging ends on the models provided above.

Saturday May 28th: R & D stage for riggers and animators begins.

Phase 2 :

Wednesday June 1: [color=red][color=orange]Animation [/color]will begin.[/color]
May 28th: [color=red][color=orange]Music and Foley[/color] ( Audio ) begins.[/color]
May 28th:[color=orange] Lightingtests begin.[/color]
May 30th: Animation begins.

Phase 3:

Wednesday June 15th: Animation BLOCKING must be finished.
Wednesday June 15th: Standard textures must be agreed upon. Textures will be applied to scenes as animators finish scenes.
Saturday July 9th: ANIMATION ENDS!! Scenes should be animated and textured.
Monday July 11th: Editing and Post-production begins. This is also a time for animators to review their work and make any last minute changes.
Wednesday July 20th: Editing ends.

Further deadlines will be posted at a later stage. I WILL be prodding everyone to finish in a timely manner, so beware!


The plan was that the riggers would continue working on the rig while the animators are using it-- to make sure it’s working out. We just want to have a rig for the animators to be able to start working.

Does this sound OK to you?


That’s the spirit! :thumbsup:

If you have any more problems, don’t hesitate to PM me…
or post here.


Tell me about your childhood…


if there are any extra previs scenes that need finishing (seeing as the deadline’s arrived), i have a little bit of free time to do a few extra.


Hi there,

Just wanted to let you know what’s going on-- I’m sure you do, but here’s a little rundown anyway:
The previs is nearly finished. Conundrum is doing scenes 30-33 and Velk has to finish off his scenes.

We will then give it to musicraker to edit and put a time code at the bottom.

Right now the animators and riggers should be playing around with and developing the rig. I’m going to post a list of animators today. Maybe you will help me decide who is responsible for which scenes. Derby and diogo dubiella will be the primary animators, but we will give scenes to maybe 3/4 other animators as well.

I am also going to delegate different scenes to the texturers, lighters and renderers. Once ‘their’ animator has finished his scene and had it approved by kirt, then the scene will go through the texturer, lighter and renderer.

Lighting and texturing will go on concurrently with the animation- once the scenes are animated and approved by kirt, i will give them over to the texturers and lighters. Then over to the renderers. I am hoping to have the short completely animated, textured and rendered by the 26th of June. From the 26th of June to the 10th of July, we shall edit it and do any other post production stuff.
From the 10th to the 20th of July- this is ‘whooopsie’ cushion time, just in case things run over schedule.

Let me know what you think.



Here is the tentative ‘cast list’. I decided to group people up, as smaller groups tend to have better communication and achieve more.

Group 1:
Derbyqsalano,diogo dubiella, sheepfactory. {These guys will get the juiciest scenes}

—>WyattHarris (textures)

---->CornfielD and Alex York. {lighting}

Group 2:

sphere, tharrell, digones.

----->SovereignKnight {textures}

----->Alex York and GumboYaYa. {lighting}

Group 3:

SkyZero, zenfull, Robert Diaz.

---->thewave {textures}

---->Rens Heeren {lighting}

[li]Each group will get its own section of the screenplay/animatic, which I will divide up further in order to give each individual their own acts to animate.[/li][/ul]
[li] When each animator is finished with their animation, they will get it proofed by Kirt, then give it to the relevant texturer, who will pass it onto the relevant lighter. [/li][/ul]
[li]Animation finished files will go into the ‘finished files go here!’, which I will upload. Same for the lighting files. That way we will have 1 set of non-textured and non-lit animation and 1 set of textured, lit animation. This will make it easier to change anything later.[/li][/ul]
[li] Finished animated, textured and lighted files will then be given over to the editor. (Yet to be determined)[/li][/ul]


I have updated the schedules to include the end of the animation, texturing and editing and the post-production period.

We want the short to be VERY CLOSE to finishing by the 20th of JULY.


New updates. Blocking files to be in by August 4th!


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