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Hi Everyone,

As of tomorrow there will be two weeks left until the deadline for final entries. (May 9th) I’m not seeing much development or work being done in the individual threads so I’m needing to ask:

Do we need more time? I’m willing to extend the contest if you’re willing to kick in the effort. Personally, I’d be rather disappointed if those who entered never supplied a final entry or just gave up due to disinterest. Project Phoenix gave a considerably stronger showing. Is the prize just not motivating enough? I’d like to continue these contests, but I’m beginning to question that decision. Prove me wrong.

Thoughts contestants?


Hi Brian,

I could use more time…

Prize is fine. I’m enjoying the topic of the contest and the work people have submitted.

As far as getting things done I hit some everyday life snags for a couple weeks.
I’m getting stuff done this week and hope to post an update tonight or over the weekend.

I have some progress to show and some questions to ask on EIM.

Maybe it’s just bad timing or schedule conflicts in regards to what people are getting done… I hope you keep the contests going. I am trying to use them as more motivation to focus and learn.



Ok that’s one for extension. Thanks Mike.

Anyone else?


There is usually a prize to win in a contest and the iPod is a fine item. However I entered this contest for the fun of it as, I’m sure, many if not all other contestants. I was overtaken by work in the last two weeks and could not even think about the contest. A week extension would be lifesaving. I understand this will be the one and only extension given for the contest could not extend until fall to fit with our respective schedules…

I will post some meshes during the weekend.


Wow, a week extension would be awesome!!! I’m so late on getting my meshes up :frowning:


Forgive a non-contestant for chiming in, but I would certainly like to encourage you to keep the contests coming. I would have (don’t they all say that) joined, had the time line been more generous. Tax season and work just didn’t allow enough time to make a quality submission.

The prize you are offering seems very generous, and I’m sure (given the work required to complete the task) it is not the prime motivator. The chance to show your stuff on a cool assignment, and get the support and feed back of the group seems the prize. Getting the rest is icing, and I am sure welcome icing.

I look forward to see the results of this contest, and hope you see fit to try again. This rounds contest topic was excellent

take care,


How im reading, for my self, now a have a little break for studies, but i now is with the progress of lighting … i dont have very practice in this mode.

A littler more time its ok for me…

The price is powerfull, but how richard say, i prefer to learn with this contest and post my work for help me and know more power of eias.

For me this is the first posts here and i dont put more pics of process, the next time its more powerfull in this form, sure.

Thk for the contest Brian, and yes i want more contest !



Extension ? I haven’t even finished putting the kitchen in to my house - can’t think about building an extension just yet… :stuck_out_tongue:

No seriously, an extension would be nice but I’m just under the cosh work and life wise. I hope to have something to show by the end of next week.

Sorry to be so slow on this.

On the subject of prize I, like Richard, entered as I thought the premise was great.




Well thats good to hear. Ok. We’ll extend the project. Would two extra weeks do?


Two weeks sounds good to me.




fine for me too. :wink:



Well its april 27th and I’ve missed the entry date…
but if I could enter now, I think I’ll have something to show.
Unfortunatly I dont have progress sketches and what now
as I sort have been doing this from my head over the past couple days
and then I just remembered something about this contest thingy…

Mike Fitz


I realized after the 11th I hadnt posted a thread with a sketch… actually had a sketch too. (Even a rough mock-up model…) but the week of the submissions got swamped on a huge rush job.

So instead, I sit on the sidelines and root for my favorite… and you guys are lucky:wavey:



And we’re lucky…hahahaha. Ceej once again throws down the gauntlet. That sketch looks great Ceej!

2 weeks would rock. I finally have a great idea for my final composition! I like the contest just for learning and the community interactivity. The iPod is cool but not the initial reason for me joining this contest!

By the way, i don’t speak for all entries, but I for one would like to see Ceej and Mike be allowed to still enter and compete. Makes for a much better learning experience I think. Plus I love seeing everyones work.

Can I get an AMEN?!?!?!?

Thanks Brian


I’ll allow the 2 week extension and allow the additional contestants as long as everyone agrees.


Adding more contestants is fine by me.



I’m looking here for the guidlines/rules, minus the entry date, to make
sure what I’m working on will be appropriate.

Where are they?

Mike Fitz


Top thread on the EIAS forum


The more the merrier!


Any Nays?

Richard Morley: Yay
Richardjoly: Yay
Mike Perusse: Yay
Miguel Serrano:
Loon Yik Herng:
David Nutley: