Dead PC - Need advice on newer CPU's and motherboards


Hello everyone - my beloved workstation ended it 7 year lifespan today - and now i need a new one. Ive got most of it covered but the CPU market seems so confusing at the moment.

Im a 3D generalist who is currently attending 3D university - so i need a new workstation ASAP. I need it for rendering and simulation mostly (By far the most important part) but i also do quite a bit of gaming so i don’t think i qualify for a xeon. I do quite heavy renders with Arnold and Renderman - Simulations in real flow and Houdini and some other quite CPU hungry applications. I came from and Intel i7 3930K running 6 cores at 4.6 ghz with hypertreading on a gigabyte x79 UD5 motherboard.

Now where do i start with cpu’s ? I kinda want the high core count so i have been looking at the i9’s - but pricing seems insane for what im getting. My school is rocking ryzen 7 on their machines but honestly i feel like my old 3930k was equally fast - If not better especially in a gaming environment. Is threadripper worth the pricetag or what should i be looking at ? Pricing is not the most important thing - but i dont want to spend 2k on a cpu if i can get something that performs “Similar” to a fraction of the price.

Any advice welcome - and if you are running threadripper at home what are your thoughts ?

EDIT: And then i ofc need a motherboard with a matching chipset :stuck_out_tongue:


I would get this one
Far better single threaded performance from TR gen 1, due to its 4.4GHz turbo.
I would pair it with this motherboard
and 32gb of 3200/C14 RAM, ex.
And finally, to keep the beast cool enough, I would pick an AIO cooler like this one
All the above would cost under 2K$. The 2950X’s multi-threaded performance is quite close (or slightly better compared) to Intel’s 7960X and 7980XE, which cost much much more.