Ddr & Dimm????


Hi guys,

At home, I use a Pentium IV 1.5 GHZ, Moherboard M-935 and 256 DIMM. I would like to know if is possible put more 256 DDR on this motherboard.

Is there any risk??



the pcchips m935 motherboard (according to the pcchips website) has 4 slots for ram: 2 are DDR and 2 are SDR. the DDR slots support up to 1GB per DIMM, meaning the motherboard can support 2 x 1GB DDR ram slos, or 2GB DDR total.

as long as your 256MB ram is in a single slot, then you can add a second DDR ram stick to the system without any problems. make sure the ram is the same speed or faster than the existing stick to save you from any headaches.

here’s where i got the info:


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