DC Chapter?


Hey guys, well we sorta already do this remember our CGTALK meetings we used to have that became more of a social thing? Would you guys want to make it an official chapter?

Roberto and Rebecca since you are CGTALK fanatics (you are dont hide it) you want to start a chapter with me?



AAAAAAAAAAaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!!! She’s one of us!!! :smiley:

Cheers, :smiley:

~Rk not shy about posting :smiley:


I can quit at any time I want to!



Roberto, when was the last time you went without internet for more than a week?

I await your reply. :smiley:


Let just say that when I travel, I have plotted all the local Internet cafes/WIFI Hotspots along the way.




Wouldn’t we just drink ourselves silly? :smiley:


I don’t believe you. I think you are waiting to see who will get their ass handed to them next. Isn’t there another local SIGGRAPH meeting soon? What about that mini conference? Anything going with that?


You owe me $2 bucks in royalties for using the “ass handed to them” trademarked expression.
A bill is on the mail.

I believe we will do a meeting soon, and about the local mini conference, we are still in the planning stages.

PS See people, I was away from the next for a whole 6 hours!


Yup why else would we go through the trouble of forming a club :beer:

and Roberto… you are addicted… who else would bring a laptop to the zoo?


Would it be like AA meetings? :curious: You know, “Hi, my name is Rebecca, and I’m addicted to CGTalk”. “Hi, Rebecca”.



Low, looow blow… Anyway, the monkeys did not mind.

Besides now that I am at the beach (still in PR) the laptop is handy to provide a shade in the sun.


… be careful of the sand… it makes typing kind of hard…I always take a laptop to the beach…they are the best weapon against hungry sharks.


Hey… talking about low blows… my bday is coming up soon… of course I am stuck with doing my stupid Senior Show project but I still want to go out and get jiggy with it as soon as I am done, so let me know when you guys are free and we can go celebrate… :buttrock: :beer:


Well Ines after a SOLID week of nothing BUT Baby talk, I would love to spend some time with people who can actually talk in complete sentences and chew solids.

Congratz on the birthday!
We can do a cool group next week.


Oh so you dont want Rebecca to come then? :smiley:

runs and hides


Beeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeyotch!!! :scream:

Fine. I wiz be buzy zat weekend. I wiz not come to play wiz you, no. :wise:



awww I was just joshing… :smiley: Yeah I cant do anything next weekend it would have to be the weekend after that when my Senior Show is finally done and over with. Hope you can make it then. :wip:


Ooh, yeah, definitely send me a reminder though!!! I can’t remember my own name sometimes…:smiley:


… will do.


What the heck?

You guys call that a Cat fight?
Come on where is the blood, the broken hills and fingernails?!