DAZ Studio implements OpenSubDiv


DAZ 3D Has Announced on their forums that the new Beta release of DAZ Studio will support Pixar’s OpenSubDiv.

I don’t know of any other freeware software that supports it other than DAZ Studio, so it looks like they’re the first.

Now I just need to find an inexpensive modeller that supports it :slight_smile:


and for the less educated minds like myself; can you describe what this is and why it’s so special? :slight_smile:



Well, not in so many words, but these guys can:



And Ptex also… Very Interesting!


maybe i am too narrow minded but i dont see an advatage for daz to use this kind of tech


Why not? They already have adaptive Rigging…


By the way, I’ve never seen or heard of Adaptive Rigging in any other software (including, Maya, XSI, 3DSmacks and Lightwave…)… has anyone else got that?


Seeing a first official openSubdiv implementation in an app like Daz3d is interesting.
The days where cg pros were making fun of those virtual human builders might become a thing of the past soon.

I’m wondering if there will be any manual modelling for hero 3d characters in the future. It’s gonna be all about detail brush modelling and extracting disp maps and retopolyzing I guess.
Humans will become primitve geo containers like cubes, cylinders and spheres eh :smiley:


Species for Softimage does: http://vimeo.com/groups/species/videos/54481940


I don’t believe that for a New York second. Human figures are way to complex. And that Genesis is so advanced a figure, I strongly doubt anyone you can find posting on these forums would be able to produce anything like it. It took a team of several people at DAZ and thousands of man hours to develop which they did alongside the software.

Working with the Genesis figure is not as simple a thing as you would think. This is not your average figure, and DAZ Studio still lacks a lot of things high end apps have, like the ability to assign collision to more than one object.

I remember Stephen Stahlberg talking about modelling figures and he had used the same figure a couple of times and made different characters with it. His attitude was “Why keep re-inventing the wheel?”

If you need a human figure, you can jump into D|S, create your character and export to FBX and use that character on just about any platform. But calling it a primitive is… it’s not a cube :slight_smile:


That’s very cool!!! Fitting clothing in DAZ Studio is pretty much what they describe as GATOR in SoftImage.


Was just looking at this product, and it looks pretty much like Genesis… they do the same thing.


Okay, was taking a hard look at Species vs. DAZ Genesis, and I found some interersting similarities and some interesting differences.

With Species, adding geometry appears not to be an issue. With Genesis, in order to add geometry, one would need to build the geometry that replaces a portion of the base figure, apply the base rig and add any further rig to it that is necessary (tail, wings, etc) and set it up for what is called “Geografting” in D|S, which is basically making the conformed figure a part of the original figure, so that it morphs seemlessly. With Species, you simply work with the base figure, extrude your addition and you don’t have to go through the extra settup… not sure how this affects UVS, but if it’s PTex enabled, it shouldn’t be an issue. Fortunately for D|S users, they’re about to get PTex as well…

We have very similar abilities with regard to posing/animation. Genesis has a very similar setup to Species part selection toolsets in something called “powerpose”… Basically a 2D template of the figure with all the parts selectable with a mouse click.

Conforming Clothing with Species actually looks a lot more involved than it is with Genesis. If I make a clothing model for Genesis, after the model itself is made, I don’t have to worry about rigging at all. I can use a variety of rigs that automatically set up the weight maps, and I can work with those on the fly quite easily. the video shows applying clothing to Species having to go through additional steps to get clothing to work.

Of course, SoftImage is a high end application, and has a whole lot D|S does not have. The ability to create clothing with cloth simulation and edit that clothing is one of them. We’re still waiting for a viable plugin for D|S that’ll do that… any of you plugin developers out there who wants to make some extra coin should consider writing one for D|S. We could also use a decent particle engine and a dynamics engine. Hair we have. A top end render engine, we have… but there’s a whole lot we do not have…


I finally got the DAZ Studio Beta installed and began playing with OpenSubDiv weighted edges and vertexes.

The ball on top is actually a cube subdivided to level 3 (64 quads per polygon) in standard catmull-clark subdivision.

The lower is the exact same thing, but the top edges are weighted to level 3.

The vertex on the left is weighted to level 1, and the vertex on the right is weighted to level 3.


Another thing that other software has? The characters don’t all look incredibly slutty!

99% of the characters out there are completely useless to anyone who doesn’t need a woman in high heels with spherical boobs.

I thought using DAZ would make an easy way for me to quickly throw together a character to place into whatever scene. Well that’s just not the case. Half of my purchases don’t even work. They don’t get installed in the correct place, nor is it documented where to go. It’s only Partially compatible with this or that.

DAZ is probably fine if you’re a content creator, but if you just need it to quick create a character, it’s a waste of time. Oh, and if you Do get it to work, it still doesn’t come into other software very well. I actually paid 300 for the software a couple years ago. Big waste of money.



I’m not sure what you mean by “Content Creator”.

If you’re talking about Game Content, that would be true. Game Content needs low poly stuff, and the low end applications simply aren’t good for that. You’re far better off creating custom figures. I have no clue what the licence for using the Species geometries for this purpose would be. I doubt it’s a cheap licence.

So far as installing content into DAZ Studio, it wasn’t much of an application till V3, and with V4, it’s considerably different than it was.

I have no idea where the idea of “slutty characters” comes from unless you’re talking about what you see on Renderosity… that says more about that website than the software.


In Daz-world and Poserdom, content creators are the vendors who use Daz or Poser to create content for other Daz/Poser users. Likely he sees Daz as useful for creating figures and props for use within Daz Studio but not so much for general use… Daz definition of content is even more narrow, practically limited to just the items they sell that work in both D|S and Carrara.

There probably are a lot of slutty characters, but in Daz/Poser terminology a character is just a pack of morphs, materials and possibly props that modify a specific base figure. I don’t find many base figures to be slutty at all, usually just too idealized for my tastes.


I think if you got the DAZ emails every day you’d understand what I was talking about.

Also the installation is a little better. I removed every trace of DAZ I could find, and then reinstalled with their install tool. It was a little better, although the software installed content to my user folder as the default, but the content was all installed to the public user folder. They didn’t create a great way to change the overall default.

I just use it for posing basic manikins, many times just a single limb is needed, for illustrating product usage.

I suppose I can’t blame DAZ too much since the created content is by users bast the base models. I think they would be used quite a bit more if some users focused on more business and medical friendly content. For instance, there is a doctor, but with blood all over. Ok, well that could be useful, but it’s more like zombie murder movie blood than surgery blood. And he has an antiquated light reflector on his head instead of the hasmat like suits they use now.
So for any of you freelancers that are out there that can’t seem to sell much, shift your focus a bit. I’d buy it.

Also, if you’re going to make something like a skeleton, it should fit the character. The existing one doesn’t. It moves fine on it’s own, but doesn’t fit the character.


Maybe not slutty, but then again, they’re aren’t shy about pushing sex to sell, with that image on Daz product page-- a BDSM fetishized mistress with the large-breasts, leather straps, angel wings, corset, lace, bikini bottoms, leather choker…



Fair Enough. You aught to write DAZ an email about that, telling them your impression of their company. Knowing what I do about them, I’ll be very interested in their response. :slight_smile:

That said, we’re the topic was about the software, not about renders you find offensive :slight_smile:



These fit the previous generation figures, and the auto fit has been successful in converting them to the Generation 5 figures by several who have this skeleton.

Just a minor issue with your use of the word “character”. Genesis is not a character, it is an androgenous figure.


Hmmm, those are the skeletons I have, but they don’t fit. I guess I’ll have to email them about it.

And to me, Genesis is a character. A very simple androgynous character. lol
I use that one as a non-gendered character to show size occasionally. Classify it how you want. Figure, or character.