Day of the tentacles, Olivier Cannone (3D)


very good! pretty awesome. Great lighting


Very pretty and sweet :slight_smile:

Love the expersions on the little worms at the side …

and especially big fan of his lonely infected chin hair follicle



bravo olivier !!! ça me rappelle un exercice burtonien non ? lol ça t’avais traumatisé à ce point ? :stuck_out_tongue:

super taff !! l’élève dépasse le maître :thumbsup:


great job funny! :cool:


Wow thats fantastic, the more I look the more I notice the funny details, llike his buttons. There is so much story in there! :slight_smile:


J’adore le fait que le personnage aie des petites pattes avec les yeux tournes vers la camera. ><


wow awesome , the texture is pretty great.


hey dude. charachter and lighting is beutiful.a good artist can come from any where.
good luck


excellent work


I hope it will be in the next Exposé… :wink:


It is my bolg!!It ;if you have free,plese look it


Very nice :slight_smile:

Can you give us some information about the workflow, which program add-ins and layers you used?
How much post production is done in photoshop?

You’ve simulated the underwater feeling with little floating pellets, are these particles, or added in photoshop for example? :slight_smile:
The fog effect, is it done by playing with the DoF settings, or did you use a volume shader?

It would be great to see some sort of breakdown of your work process. :wink:

Grtz Jeroen



好 wonderful job


It’s very good work .


funny! very funny! excellent work!!!


i like the character design … great work


great image!


Cool, 5 stars from me.:cool:


Tim Borton’s Film??:slight_smile:

Nice Work!