Day of the tentacles, Olivier Cannone (3D)


Nice work mate! Can’t wait to see your next piece :slight_smile:


very cool !


Beeautiful work!!


WOW! 5 stars!


Cool! Five stars for this fine and funny work!


Thanks all for your comments. I’m happy to see that you appreciate my work. you’re right, shahabp, I’ve rendered the hair using “Hair and fur” but on the tentacles, it’s only opacity map on geometry :slight_smile: , that explicate the render difference. For people who asked for wire :


Hello olivier , vraiment marrant ton perso , c’est un malin il attire son monde avec sa gentil bouille et crok!
Le design est super et l’ambiance est vraiment sympa , je regrette de pas voir la grotte s’eloigner plus dans le fond pour que ce soit moins sombre sur la partie supérieur , mais bon c’est peut etre voulu pour le focus …

en tout cas c’'est du bon taff, et une image mega cool a la fin :slight_smile:



Jolie boulot ! :bowdown: bien sympa ce petit monstre dans sa petite caverne !! Les lumières et les textures donnent vraiment un ton bien sale à ton personnage.

Peut etre une nouvelle serie de monstre par la suite, des petites animations ? en tout cas bon travail et continue comme ca :buttrock:


This is fantastic work, I really like it.
Just one very small point though, as he’s in the dark, wouldn’t his pupils be big?


impressive !

love the colors and the expression on his face ! :thumbsup:

congrats on the FP


Thank you for bringing us such a pleasant surprise! Learned a lot of things!


amazing work


That image is pretty awesome. Great lighting


wow - what a nice image!


great work… congratulations… :smiley:


What else can I say that hasn’t been said before ?..
A huge pat on the back for this one- I love it !


Great Character! I like the contrast in weight and shape! 5*
By the way: pls say hello to Andreas from me :wink:



wow cute banget…

please watch my own movie


Cool job. It made me laugh the very first time I saw this image^^
Where did your inspiration come from to achieve this work???

Good work again:thumbsup: (J’en veux encore!!)


Really weird and detailed - I like it