Day of the tentacles, Olivier Cannone (3D)


really good - I like this – (fr: bon esprit :wink: )


cool…I like it…


Really cool [plugged] :slight_smile:



Award award! Just lovely all of it. Little sad it didnt have to do anything with the game “Day of the tentacle” though:blush:


hey! great work! I like style and lighting!
keep going! :thumbsup:


hahahah , mortelle ! ^^
Absoluty amanzing !
Love the character design and the lighting !
Congrats and keep it up !


I like it!
can you post wires?


Brilliant! Just brilliant!


wowwww. its great. really really great :applause: :applause::applause:
more than *5 :smiley:


Lovely ! :slight_smile:



Makes one want to pull that black hair and pop that zit on his chin…nice work!


hummmm, This image let me hungry!
Fantastic, funny and rotten!


Interesting Character, definitely a front page material.
The character design is awesome and I found him/her appealing.
I just found a couple of things in the high res version:

  • his/her right leg doesn’t give the feeling of weight. maybe because it doesn’t have a proper shadow/AO!
  • his/her hair (head) look like painted hair and doesn’t give the feeling that it’s a part of the character.
  • teeth compare to other parts look a little bit primitive.

overall: you rock!


shahabp has a good point, i also noticed the fur/hair on the head looked a little pixelated and low res compared to the rest of the fur on his tentacles, The lightings great but i feel the purple light coming from the bottom right is a little too intense for a suttle cave environment, it definately adds a cool effect but it just seems a little unnatural.
The teeth dont bug me that much i rather like how there simple and dissorganized it compliments the style of the character.

All in all its a pretty wicked image, i love the expressions on the few remaining worms through out the image. Great work, 5 stars from me.


This is some serious funky business!! :smiley: * * * * * from moi too :wink:

And I’m curious about the wires too, how did you make those loose ends of the knitted clothing? Opacity map, geometry?


Oh yes I like this, it is Funny and you do a great Job.


Excellent work!


Funny, spooky and wild.

Nice texturing.


I love him :slight_smile:

I guess I’ve got to get that acquired “eye for detail” because what I see is terrific. I guess seeing those intricate detailing problem areas comes from much experience.

I really like his tiny little hands lol. He’s got a great face too!

Wonderful work.


great work, expression and humor of the cute monsters. awesome dude