Day of the tentacles, Olivier Cannone (3D)


Title: Day of the tentacles
Name: Olivier Cannone
Country: France
Software: 3ds max, mental ray, Photoshop, ZBrush

Hi everybody,
Here’s my latest work, a monster with his little gnocchi creatures. I’ve created this monster using 3dsmax, ground and stones made with Zbrush. Hope you like it !


:)) Funny image great job


great image :smiley: his face is priceles :slight_smile: 5* from me


hehe look at that expression, he seems just caught by a monster paparazzi :smiley:
beautiful work.

(doesn’t main character have a bit much sharpness?)


Haha he´s lovely! i like the expression and the little fur on his body!
And its nice with thous small particles in the air, gives a lot of atmosphere.


Great job guy…Nice mood.


ahaha, very nice. Lovely lighting and all round image.


I love the lighting and the design of your characters.
Especially these little gnocchi thingies are funny as hell :scream:


Charming character!



Clap Clap Clap!
It would be a funny Wallpaper! :beer:
The only things who disturb me is his hair, too many hair around the eyes. We see White hair on the left eye shadow.
That’s All.
Very good work.


I like it,
its color, model, and composition is good,

good feel, done a good work


Awesome materials! 4*


groovy! :surprised


Great Work… Keep it UP :thumbsup:


Great character. Keep 'em coming, you’re really good at them!


Very good work !


I love his expression. Great character ^^

Joli boulot :thumbsup:


nice and cute… really love the concept and model…
keep up the good work :slight_smile:


haha excellent :slight_smile:
Quelques petits détails comme l’assise du perso sur le sol un peu bizarre, plus précisément autour de la jambe à notre gauche, ils y a quelque chose de trop violent dans le procédé je ne sais pas trop, mais à part ça ça mérite bien 4.9 *, allez disons 5 :wink:

Congratz for that nice picture you’ve achieved. I love his expression, any extras for us like sime wiress , etc. ?

Keep going


Cool cool and COOL! Like it very much! :applause: