Dawn Of Balance, Toni Bratincevic (3D)


An excellent interpretation


…looks great…:thumbsup:

bas sam pomislio da nabavim Mayu i proucim taj program za promjenu s obzirom da sam Max lagano zaboravio zbog radi visegodisnjeg ne koristenja, i sad mi se ta ideja sve vise svidja…:slight_smile:


really good final render results…Good work


looks great!
very well done!:thumbsup:

merry x-mas



Great and crazy. Five stars. Not able to say any more (lacking unusual words;).

Oops… Five, if I could rate the thread :smiley:


Fascinating image and concept! The colours look great, beautiful render also!


I really like the mood of this image, the vast cold blue giving way to the warmth in the corner.

My only crit would be the excesive use of chrome spheres, but perhaps they were included for test purpose?



I like a lot concept and realizations tecniques.
Special congratulations.
Go on in this way… :wink:


i really like this image, nice work.


Awesome atmosphere and nice details.
Superb work.
5 stars!


Svaka čast!


Outstanding atmosphere! Great concept and detail! Everything is in harmony.
I love blue color scene and it’s definately my favorite color at all time… :thumbsup:


very nice atmosphere


Beautiful piece, this is why I’m in CG. I tried posting one before but I dunno if it’ll get to you.


Very nice light and colors. I like it very much.:thumbsup:


I hope you mean the Yin/Yang symbol (those 2 drops falling into eachother, representing duality) ?


Sweet! :bowdown:

Mnooogo jeziv rad. Moze neki wire?


oohoo great idea
five for you
no more words

phew, I’m too busy ( playing Counter Strike )


Yes the crome spheres exist from the first test, but some of them disappeared as I worked on the picture… the other were stronger than me and they earned the place in the picture. :slight_smile: But I will get rid of them in next project. :slight_smile:

But they also have some hidden meaning. :slight_smile:


And here is the wireframe. There isnt anything special to see in it, but for you who asked…


You have some mad skills :wink: