Dawn Of Balance, Toni Bratincevic (3D)


Title: Dawn Of Balance
Name: Toni Bratincevic
Country: Croatia
Software: finalRender, Maya, Photoshop

The blue - which arises from overexposed light and fades away represents the life itself … the cruel and cold story of it … the way it is. The light around the corner is the begining, the creation, but … the main part of the image is the human whose memories of that past times are very different from what they truly were in real life. The memories are warm … they burn in his mind … they are the main mechanism which gives meaning to his life. And everytime he finds himself loosing faith in that cold and cruel world, he comes to the fireplace, a source of his existance, takes one of the warm events from the past, and rises a memory of it …
The image is made as a beta testing for the new render for Maya, the finalRender. It was rendered in passes and composed in Fusion where it was postprocessed.
>> Hi resolution image <<


wow if only work this good was posted all the time on the site. great atmoshpere created and then with the little hot spot. and final render for maya eh. cant wait to see that. Keep up up 5 stars from me


i wish i had something more constructive to say, but all i can say is “amazing”
absolutely awe inspiring
5 stars


i love the color and lights!
good job!:thumbsup:


WOW! Thats freakin’ cool!
Superb, original idea and the lighting is just outstanding :thumbsup:


Thank you for nice comments. :slight_smile:

BTW I must admit that this was just a test for GI in finalRender, but I kept working on it and here it is … a more complex test for GI. :slight_smile:


hummmm , all is good for final , could u post a wire frame pict
excellent colors, design ,shaders. … …


Brilliant atmosphere and setting.


very nice atmosphere and lighting


Bizarrrrrr very very nice…thats what i have to say


its so beautiful and well done…amazing stuff


Hi. I will post the wireframe but not before monday since I wont have acces to computer two days.


Great work Toni, awesome ammount of details and this idea of life is exellent :thumbsup:


Very nice light and colors. I like it very much.


hi, like yr idea of “TaiQi” , express in totally diff way. love the color too. :thumbsup:


lol now thats what I call a good scene to test a render engine… and speaking of render engines, this is the first I’ve seen a proper scene for Maya being tested out with finalRender

Any render time info? What is it like to use?


Hi Koogle.

Unfortunately I can not tell the time for rendering the scene because I am in beta program, but I can tell you that it is faster than MentalRay. :wink:
And it is great to use finalRender, the cebas team did a great job and they implemented few things that I didnt see in any other render for maya that are so cute that I cant live without it any more. :slight_smile:


I can tell you that it is faster than MentalRay.

hehe great lol… thats all I needed to know :smiley:

Really enjoyed using fR for 3dsmax before going onto maya… have they kept the bucket rendering over networks available for maya users aswel?


very good! Love the 69 cancer Symbol !


Very nice mood,.

A bit of Digital Dali:D .
a good one:thumbsup: