dawinbin meets bull


Here is a new animation im workin on in 3dsmax and character studio. previously using character studio i used alot of footsteps, and mixing of bip files in MIXER mode.
But this time im doing everything manually, keyframe by keyframe in freeform mode. Lets see how this works out.
let me know what you think.
crits are welcomed.
Please note that this is not a render, it is a preview from the scene in max, so you may notice some flipped or invisible faces that i get sometimes while working in the max [color=White]viewport.
xvid codec / 480kb


looking very very good, especially the little guy’s animation. The bull looks a little strange when when standing still. But anyway the motions looks very real.
The way the boy reacts is a little strange, he seems to know whats happening before he gets a good look. I assume he hears something, looks around, sees the bull, jumps up and runs away. To me it looks like you did the “see” part a little fast.
Well, thats all I can say to help you finish this great animation. Have fun and keep up the good work. I am looking forward to seeing this finished.



Thanks alot for your crit, im glad you like it. Yea the bull is still very rough as hes standing. Im sorta jumping between characters while animating back and forth.
Your right the timing is a bit short for the head, but i will have sounds of the bush shaking a little before he even turns his head. it should make sense once theres sound.
Thanks again and ill try to keep this thread posted with updates here and there.


Hello everyone. Heres an update.
For those a bit confused the bull does not push the man down, rather the man trips himself.
Let me know what you guys think!


Here are some renders of the 2 characters in the short:



That bull is really cool, and so is the little man. Good job. I like the teeth, but if you are going for a cute look like in your storyboard, I’d think about making them smaller.
keep it up!:thumbsup:


Thanks, I think the bull textures are kinda weak. as a matter of fact its only a noise material! lol.
anyway the “little boy” is actually an adult of its species. He looks young i know, but thats how they look. short and fat. The storyboard is off on the character model, the 3d model is how he is suppose to look. I used the storyboard just for presentation purposes. I barely look at it for reference.


Hello heres my 3rd update.
<<click-TEST3>>[color=White]Im up to about 750 frames of animation.
Enjoy, and leave me your important feedback!


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