David Ramsey - Kitchen_V3


I’m not totally sure I understand the difference between FILL and KEY renders, the pictures below will make it more clear if I do…





Something went wierd with the OCCLUSION pass. Not sure if I understand that fully.

Anywho. Thanks for your time, and C&C welcome.


You probably don’t want the view through the window to appear in both the key and fill images. When they are added together it makes the background too bright.

The occlusion looks OK, maybe it would be good to test-render with a bigger max distance and see if you could get nicer gradients around the corners and on the counter under the cabinets.

There’s a light leak in your fill layer, the tops of the cabinet doors under the sink are getting highlighted, probably by a light that isn’t casting shadows. Your fill layer could use a hint more bounce light from within the room, just so some light bounces back at the trash can corner.



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