David Mamet's Master Class Memo to the Writers of The Unit


CBS’s drama The Unit, about the lives of the highly trained members of a top-secret military division, was canceled last year, but a memo to its writing staff from its executive producer David Mamet has just surfaced online. (The source appears to be the online writing collective Ink Canada.) If you think you know where this is heading, you might be wrong:Besides the fact that it’s written in all-caps, there’s nothing particularly ranty, pejorative or potty-mouthed about it. Rather, Mamet lays down an extremely sensible case for what makes good television, imploring them to avoid expository writing for what he characterizes as authentic “drama.” Along the way, he refers repeatedly to the “blue-suited penguins” (probably the copious-note-givers at the network), while passing along some very useful advice (“any time two characters are talking about a third, the scene is a crock of shit”) and helpful writing exercises (“pretend the characters can’t speak and write a silent movie”). Screenwriters, take note: You may think you knew this already, but there’s nothing like Mamet for a good kick-in-the-ass reminder


you gotta love Mamet!


The Blue-Suited Penguins Series is awesome :slight_smile: … When will the new series be on Netflix ??


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Awesome find! Thanks for posting! I just started a new job running a team that’s been largely technical and needs to transition to a more “edutainment” style. We’re going to go over this letter in the writer’s meeting this week.


This is Gold. Thanks for sharing Roberto.


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