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Hi all

I am starting this thread to show my concept art in its development. any feedback would be much appreciate as i really want to improve on my concepting skills.

Here is a classic scenario, druid gets lost in woods bumps into giant talking tree :slight_smile:


Here is an update so far. So far it has taken me around 4 hours.


Cool concept. I’d suggest having some of that blue light streak out across the ground though, light light spilling from an open door. Also it’s not really clear how big the lights in its eyes are -they’re either really bright (in which case they should be casting more light) or they’re a kind of blue fog. Either way you should be able to see more of the eye sockets around them picked out in highlights and shadows, like you did at the mouth.


Cheers for the comment Aran. I agree the light in the eyes were too bright. I have add a slight haze coming out of the cave and add more light. Think its almost finished

Also here is a link to more stages of this image.

more WIP’s of this image


A couple of notes:

Push more color. The entire piece reads as grey, when you have a huge amount of opportunity to use the entire spectrum. A forest is full of color, browns, reds, ochres, blues, violets, etc. Visual interest involves color, and this could use more.

A forest is full of living things, I’d add more plants and grasses and bushes and vines and such on the ground and around the trees - that area needs more detail, anyway. Piles of stones doesn’t work, unless your environment is rocky, which trees like that would not grow in.

The squirrel is cute, but it feels unnecessary, and the branch.

The background trees need more texture.

Your focal point is the light glowing from the tree, but the narrative is the interaction between the figure and the tree. I’d use the light from the hole to lead the eye to the figure.

Druids generally did not wear plate armor, lol. They were around long before that kind of thing was going on, and they tended to wear robes and costumes typical of ancient England and Ireland. They were priests/shaman, not warriors.

I would explore different angles. I would do the scene from ground level, looking up at the tree, looking past the druid’s back. That would create a more ominous feel, and set up more tension between the figure and the tree, and give the tree more of a feeling of being very large and imposing.

It’s an okay start, hope this helps.

PS - generally, you don’t sign a painting until it’s done, and really, it’s a bit big, it’s very distracting. The eye sees letters and numbers first, and your signature draws the eye away from the scene. Signing a painting is a personal decision, so feel free to disregard this.


The figure itself definitely needs a lot of work–the proportions don’t look right, as if he’s very very short.

Also, that looks like a big crater he’s standing in, but why would he get down into that crater, which would be hard to climb out of, instead of walking around it?


Cheers for all the comments I will start adapting it and post a new version soon. As for now I have been working on a few new character concepts. let me know what you think with regards to colour, design etc? all comments are much appreciated :slight_smile:


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