David Bokser - Circus Auditions - cannon ball guy


Hey all! I haven’t entered any of these animation sessions yet so I think I’m about due. Here’s a couple of thumbs I put together into an animatic. Tell me what you guys think!



That looks fantastic David!

You can probably say your done and enter that!
Great work!



Good job so far…i’ll keep an eye out for this one:)


Thanks guys.

Art, not quite done with it yet! I think you just want me to submit as is cause we’re competing for the cannon ball guy :slight_smile: Yours looks great, though! Those thumbnails were awesome! I can’t wait to see how yours turns out.


Hehehe, no, I just think your animatic looks really good!

Thanks for the comment on the thumbs…I’ve got a bit of stage fright right now and don’t know where to begin my shot.
I hope I see this through to the end and complete it. It’s been a while since I animated anything.



I’m sure once you start you’ll do just fine…that’s the key…just start;)


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