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Hey everyone its a pleasure to be here with all you talented people!

I have only heard about this for 24hrs and I dont have a sketch of what Im doing yet. But it will be something bio mech sort of a fresh take on a cross between Voltron Robeast, Guyver, Evangelion type of thing. Id like to include some plants and part of an environment some how as well.

Will post some wip images soon!



Welcome to the party sir, it’s an honor to be a part of this gig with you and a gang of super talented artists!
Can’t wait to see your creature!


welcome dave, can’t wait to see ur progress on ur creature. I Like the bio-mech idea esp more in the realm of the guyver.


hei Dave Wellcome, It’s great to have you with us! I was just browsing my inspiration flder and seen several of your early ZB3 coloring tests :slight_smile:
anyway 4 the creature you want to make this is totally AWESOME


I’m currently working on a creature in this direction. He has less of the biomech stuff but at this point still un-finished. Still exploring forms in his limbs and head. Also looking into fine surface detail for the shell like parts of the tail. I wish I could just work on this stuff for a few weeks straight.That reference link posted above is sweet!

My wife also has a baby due yesterday so Im excitedly awaiting that as well.

Anyway just checking in…
(BTW Im not sure how to upload larger pictures? )



Congrats on baby poppy!

Wish you and the family well…

Model is sick…

if you need any insect ref…lemme know…

here is some cool stuff…




Paul Fedor


Off to a great start! Silhouette is simple and strong, I really like that… Can’t wait to see more!

Also Congrats :thumbsup:


Dude that´s rocking awesome, couldnt check before as I had forgot my password, haha.
Man I´so proud to be a part of this book, that first pic is looking very nice, insects are the kings of the world, I would like to be more constructive, but damn everybody in this book is so talented that I just sit back and let myself enjoy the beauty of it.


that looks amazing dave! i am really loving the design!!


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