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Hello everyone, I am new here and I am looking for help with a question.

Is anyone familiar with The Dave School in Orlando Florida? I have been creating two dimensional art (traditional and digital) for many years. I am now interested in taking the plunge into the 3D digital art world, and I am not really sure where to start. I live in Orlando Florida and there is a school here called the Dave School. Is anyone familiar with their program? I would like to talk to an alumni of the school before I fork over the huge tuition for their program.

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i did not go to the Dave School, however i know that they do have a pretty good program there. i do know however that they are the competition to Full Sail, at least in Orlando. i would take a tour of the school before signing up, also i would check out full sails school too. I am an alumni of full sail and can say that a lot of the things that have plagued the school years ago have been fixed and improved. you learn a lot of information in a short time and you get a bachelors now. im not sure if dave school offers a BA, but i have seen both schools work, and they are both impressive. which ever school you end up going to, im sure you will learn a lot there.

one thing that i do know however, the dave school is on the back lot of universal studios, and i hear that it is in a very small building, full sail is huge now, so go to the dave school first before checking out full sail or you will probably not want to go there.


From everything I’ve heard, Full Sail puts on a better show in the tours – lots of plasma screens and expensive lighting – but the content of the school itself is lacking. They put all their resources into getting you to come and pay them tuition, whereas the quality of the teaching is extraordinarily poor.

A bigger building shouldn’t make you think it’s a better school, it should make you wonder why they’re spending money on the building and not the students.

DAVE School on the other hand seems to have a pretty good curriculum. A few years back I’d be saying the same thing about it as I said about Full Sail, at least in terms of teaching quality (the demo reel was horrendous), but apparently there’s been a major overhaul in the staff and the curriculum, and this year’s reel is actually something to write home about. I know a few people who went to DAVE and they got jobs in the industry right away.

So don’t be fooled by Full Sail’s razzle-dazzle. Between the two, I’d go with DAVE.


Thanks for the feedback. I am familiar with Full Sail, but my schedule will not allow me to go there, even if I wanted to. I have seen the building that Dave School is in, and I talked to them there as well. I will probably take a tour of their facility pretty soon. From what I have heard Dave School sounds pretty cool, but I want to talk to some alumni before spending that much money on schooling (especially since there is no degree with it). I would greatly appreciate it if anyone who has gone there can contact me and possibly answer a few questions.

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