Data visualization in cinema 4d


Hey all!

I’m working on a project, and I’m interested in using some data to manipulate\create objects, or even to use as an modifier for particle systems (like xparticles).
I have all kinds of form of data I can use, from data tables or just simple lines of different numeral values that could be used as a simple graph.
from a search online couldn’t find too much information related to possible techniques for using this kind of generative content inside of cinema.
I would love to hear about possible techniques, or possible direction I should check out.

Thanks !


In the XPresso Node Manager there is a Generate Matrix node. This node requires a Python knowledge.

I guess you could write a script to import a CSV file and parse it to generate a Matrix and use it iteratevely to pass its contents as XYZ coordinates to make point diagrams or radius units for pies etc.


If you want to get CSV Data into C4D check out:
GetCSV / CSV Reader / Point Cloud Generator Python Plugin

Load a formatted CSV, TXT or XYZ file and access the data via Xpresso ports.
Or generate a point cloud from suitable data.

I wrote this plugin mainly because I wanted to get rid of re-formatting several import scripts or messing around with the structuremanager.


If you wanted to do it in AE you could use Plexus.