Data Operator - Instanced geometry local transform


Hello, I have a question about Pflow (Data op).
I need to find a way to transform/offset the particles (instanced geometry with Birth Group operator, Group Members) along a local axis of the instanced objects. I´ve already tried to achieve this with the DataOperator, but I didn´t find a solution to take the local orientation of each particle (instanced object) into account for the transformtion.
I would really appreciate any help.
Thanks, Thomas



Thanks Serejah for the detailed explanation! :slight_smile:
I´ve made some further tests yesterday and found another solution (screen1.jpg). Also I´ve tried your approach and made some slight modifications (screen2.jpg) :wink:




Your second one is much better than what I suggested since it can work continiously over the whole animation range.
I tried to use TM initially, but it didn’t worked for me for some reason, but probably it was too late at night :slight_smile: