Data Backup: What are your methods?


After doing a quick search, I saw that the last big “Data Backup” thread was about 8 years old*, and a lot has changed since then - so I’m curious to know how you all backup your project data?

Fire & flooding are real possibilities, and the thought of losing terabytes of vital information is a bit scary; and with so much data it’s a bit impractical to store it online.

Fireproof safe? Safety deposit box?

*If there’s a more recent one, let me know).

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A topic that not enough artists (or people in general) are practicing. I’d say it’s good to follow this principal.

  1. Backup drive inside your computer, all important files on this. Backed up daily in case main drive fails.
  2. Backup drive in a fireproof safe, updated weekly.
  3. Backup drive in safe deposit box, backed up bi-weekly or monthly.

This isn’t the most sophisticated solution, obviously there are great dedicated network solutions. And for rapidly backing up data, I love this program called Beyond Compare. Only takes a few minutes to sync 2 drives since it only copies any files that have changed.


Firstly a raid with mirroring for main storage so that if we lose a drive it’s not the end of the world.
Secondly, an off site backup in a data center that backs up weekly.
Finally just copying a bunch of the backed up data on two sets of drives that get deposited in safety storage boxes in different locations every 6 months.

That’s the ideal method any way. All depends on how much your data is worth to you.


Im using Backblaze online cloud backup service. It costs $5 a month per machine without any space limitations. It’s the cheapest and fastest I’ve tried and it backups constantly.


I’ve just bought Western Digital My Cloud EX2, an external raid storage that automatically copies any new/edited data from my HDD. So far so good. I can definitely sleep better now :slight_smile:


Internal Raid 1 for data disk.

Recently added 2 two disks for weekly rotation of system image backup using this cheapo external hot swap eSATA device: