Darth Vader


Happy Holidays everyone and what better time to work on a project than now :slight_smile: , so i started this guy a couple of years ago and decided to finish him and my hope is to make a small animation, i don’t know how far i will get though but at least i wanna finish the modeling, uv mapping and texturing .


Zbrush sculpt so far.


Hey man,

He looks a little thin. David Prowse, the actor in the suit, was a big dude.




I guess it’s my fault i didn’t do any research on the actual actor i only got reference images of the vader costume. So i buffed this guy as much as i could without modifying the chest plate and also scaled up the gloves a little, i don’t know if the boots proportion wise are big enough and i’m also gonna have to scale up some of the objects on the belt since they seem a little smaller than on the actual costume, thanks for the critique by the way.


Turntable animation


Glove sculpt




Update, divided the main body and worked more of the folds.


Nice modeling, but I agree with AJ in that he needs to be bigger in order to be a convincing Darth Vader. David Prowse is a former British heavyweight weightlifting champion and he stood at 6’ 5" and was built big. He would still have been in his prime (ie a big lad) when making the original Star Wars films.


I see well in order to make him somewhat close to a real character i used a mesh underneath and i made the mesh quite skinny so i buffed this guy up and this is what he looks like. With all the subtools on the mesh underneath is slightly peeking out especially in the back part of the chest plate but i dont know if he is big enough.


After looking carefully at the vader costume from alot of reference images i saw that the distance from the helmet to the end of the shoulder armor is bigger so i made him wider.This is how he looks like without the chest armor.


I think he looks too big now maybe something between the previous version and this one.


Update :
Increased the size of the boots and gloves and also tweaked the proportions on some objects.



Added the fabric lines of the body by using an interesting method.
I used a projection node in maya to create the lines and baked them into a texture and then used that texture in zbrush and masked it by intensity then just simply inflated it on a layer and this is what i got, originally i was going to use the noisemaker plugin in zbrush but the orientation was off on the arms and legs and also the lines would stop where the seams were since i was using it as uv and thus the result was not as good as this.
I’m almost done with the modeling just some final tweaks and onto texturing.


UV Mapping done on to texturing.


Nice model dude! :slight_smile:


Thanks, started baking the textures from the highpoly version to the mesh that i will be using and it’s taking longer than i thought but so far it’s looking good.


Started the rendering and i’m currently just doing tests and trying to keep the quality very low to get fast renders also haven’t added the displacement maps or all the diffuse maps but i did add most of the normal maps and i know there is a lot of work to get this looking right.My ultimate goal is to animate this guy, just a simple animation and i will be making an environment like a small corridor on the ships that you see in the movies and they will have a lot of lights so with this im trying to get the correct or good starting point for the materials.
I look forward to see what u guys think i should do to improve the render, lighting,etc by the way im using Vray and i have an HDR dome light and 3 rectangular lights.


Hey man,

It doesn’t look to bad, but you’ve got some proportion issues with the model. The body still isn’t thick enough, and it looks like your chest is a little shallow. The helmet looks large and elongated.

I know you said your have limited flexibility with the model, but you really need to get this right. Vader is a pop culture icon, and everyone knows what he looks like. This is a akin to modelling a photo realistic celebrity.




The part where u said the model isn’t thick enough are u referring to the actual body because he has 2 capes over the body one that’s under the armor and belt and the other one on the back over the armor and i’m thinking that maybe the reason why he seems thicker in the photos.For the helmet i see what u mean back when i modeled this i used multiple images for the front and side and most of them weren’t from the movie rather replicas.One thing i forgot to mention is that i scaled him to 2.02 meters ( found this on a website where they said that was the actual size with the armor on).
I will make a paint over this guy to match him up to the photo so i will know what to change, also u said that the chest is shallow, do u mean that it seems kinda flat if so i may be bacause if havent added the displacement maps.