Darktree shaders for MentalRay


I have upped six of my procedural Darktree shaders to my site: www.sandstrom.on.to
All shaders are color and displacement shaders. The images shows a polygon plane.

Old roof with lichen and dirt, Old roof with dirt, Old roof

Rocky ground 01, Dirt, Brickwall



They look awesome dude!!!
Tho seems that linux users are standin out in the rain again :shrug:


It’s damn good !!

Does it work with MR4Maya?


Yes they work with Mentalray for Maya.
You have to download the TIWdtemental plugin and I think also the demo of DarkTree
to get the darktree component dlls that actually creates the textures at rendertime.



I´ve also added my modified mi file for TIWdtemental with node ids for Maya 6 and some presets for easier use. www.sandstrom.on.to


Added three more DarkTree shaders:

Rocky ground 02, Rocky ground 03, Cliff wall 01.



Cool man! I had actually already seen the simbiont for MR a long time ago, but forgot about it … got to try it :slight_smile:
Procedurals rocks!


where do you put the files in Maya to make it work?


I have added a “How to use them in Maya” page in the DarkTree section. Its all there.

My www.sandstrom.on.to is temporarily down :shrug:
but you can still access it at the original adress:

Edit: my site is up again! www.sandstrom.on.to


Hi Pixero.

I followed your installation instructions, but when i connect a twidle_color output value to the color channel of a blind shader…and type the full path name of the darktree shader (texture) to colortree, when i press render i get a pattern of X. I checked for the dlls but seems to be ok. Any suggestion please? :sad:


I think its because you either dont have the DarkTree components dlls installed or the environment variable not set right.
For the DT components install the demo or download the DarkTreeEngine from http://www.darksim.com/w/DarkTree2Demo.exe


hey Pixero…

i have been able to render out the Dark Tree shaders just fine but i am not able to convert them to textures it seems. ie: the color map is baked…but the bump and specular is definately not the same as the rendered image. Have you had similar problems?

-using Maya 6.5


first of all,I am grateful to pixero for his answers.

I downloaded and installed for mentalray
at the first I installed TIWdteMental.zip
but I get XXXX stamps…

than deleted.

and installed DTe251.zip and simbiontMaya_rc9.rar
and now
error occuring :
API 0.0 error 301031: call to undeclared function “tiwdte_color”
API 0.0 error 301036: undefined shader “tiwdte_color1”

DTE is in right directory also
and environment variable set to :
TIWDTE_COMPONENTS=C:\Program Files\Alias\Maya6.5\mentalray\darktree\

what did I wrong ?


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