Darkness sulfure, jonathan Roméo (3D)


that’s pretty awesome :slight_smile:


Wow very nice image and colour !


Vraiment jolie, super travail!


Congratulations on the inevitable front-page plug. Awesome work! :applause:


very cool,


Fantastique, j’adore. Les couleurs, la modélisations, etc., génial :slight_smile:

Fantastic, i like it! Colors, modelling, etc., stunning :slight_smile:


Beautiful, indeed. Love the posture, the glance, an the overall design and texture.
Could you explain the setup of the shader of the skin? I’m not using Cinema, but, can be useful to know about.
The only thing that I am not quite convinced is the look and colour of the hair. The rest is really really beautiful. :applause:


Your work is realy amazing


Perfect! I love all of it.


great rendering, the char looks quite awesome,
well done



nice work, making c4d sing!


very very nice detalis & amazing textures i like it the modeling very much

good luck 4 ever :beer:

i vote u :thumbsup:


Grreaaaaaaat! very inspired!


Great character! love the colors, and imho there’s nothing wrong in being influenced by movies designs :wink: (She looks quite different from Neytiri to me anyway)
The only thing I might have dropped, would have been the ear wing pieces, but that’s just a personal taste thing.
Tres beau taff!




Superb work!:buttrock:
Would you show us wires and unshaded?



TheRazorsEdge >> thanks you

PascalR >> thanks, in fact the ear pieces were the very first part of my concept :s but it didn’t work as i expected :s

elmata > thx :slight_smile:

simyevil > thanks you :wink:

mcteapot , DBlog, ArTooRo, bobby_j > thanks you all !!

LuisDiDonna >> shading is pretty simple c4d SSS + blured reflection using some freshnel + soft diffuse map and some area light :wink:

Felixenfeu > merci :slight_smile:
GQ1, vrf, Vimmy, shinja, Intervain >> thanks :beer:

Daounin > merci gars :smiley:

INFINITE > thanks you :slight_smile:

Xion-Cajou > thanks :slight_smile:

Dragonder > thanks

Chokmah >> Thanks


Beautiful! Front page material :bowdown:


So beautiful! I love your lighting for the glow edge.
Use lots of MoGarph, right? :cool:
5 stars and good luck!


Top row all the way !

  • Ty


Love it. Great work all the way. I don’t even see much of an Avatar influence (I can’t really say the Navi were the first to wear braids) so good job designwise as well.