Darkness sulfure, jonathan Roméo (3D)


Title: Darkness sulfure
Name: jonathan Roméo
Country: France
Software: CINEMA 4D, Photoshop, ZBrush

This the second character from my darkness project, you’ll maybe notice many inspirations from avatar even if i tried to stick to my original idea.

Info >

Cinema4d r11, Advanced render 3, zbrush.
2 days of works
Render time > 2 hours
Postprocess > 3 hours

Smoke stock from >> http://resauce.deviantart.com/


Nice textures… and good comp…


Awesome work. Really nice render. :thumbsup:


wow, really like it.

the hair could be a bit better i think and the background is a little boring on the second look.



Oh my. This should be front page and 3D choice. Amazing work. No crits from me. Keep up the stunning work!


What have you done for 2 days?

All of it? Model, texture, shader, lighting and rendering?

Becouse it’s amazing work. How did you work so fast?


wow … I Can’t say anything :x
Very nice … all is good and perfect .

nice modeling , shading , texturing and lighting ,
Best regards …


lohohohoh great pic dude!:buttrock:


Wow ! This is rlly cool picture ! I LOVE IT!


this is realy great work! superb!


Thanks you and yes, i want to precise that i used zbrush to do a quick sculpt and a stock photo to make the smoke effect, ( can’t edit my post :s )

moonangel >> thanks :wink: i did my best for the hair but i think they are just a bit too big :s for the background i tried some texure etc… but in the end i wasn’t able to make a choice so i tried to put some smoke / fluids…

ajsa51, soroosh, mwgriffin, MOS, AnalyzerCro, Klicek >> thanks you all :beer:


This is stunning! I especially love the lighting:love:


that’s absolutely beautiful!
The hair could use some more love, but overall fantastic work.


Brilliant!! love the execution. :smiley:


very exotique ^^ … (superbe taff) … :thumbsup:


Mind blowing! this is stunning work. Well done! :bounce:


Stunning, incredibly beatifull.




Amazing! I really like her facial expression… great colors and structures. :buttrock:


Love it! 5 stars.


I really am a fan of this one !

Great work on this beautifull character , you can be proud of it :thumbsup: