?Darkmoor?, Kenny Carmody (3D)


Title: ?Darkmoor?

Name: Kenny Carmody


Creature Design I’ve been working on. I love creating new stuff since it sometimes gets frustrating during production working on the same model. Thats why doodles are the only way to get my mind free.

Would love to take this guy further sculpting, texturing and rendering wise, but time does not really allow it…as usual. But I would love to post this doodle of some days work aswell as the idea and concept behind it. Its better to look from far away than zooming in :smiley:
All sculpted with Sculptris Pro, the function is just made for the snakehook brush^^ :slight_smile:

For more images please check them out on artstation,

I would appreciate any comment aswell as on which color is better. Black or color version. Thank you all :slight_smile:

Hope you all enjoy! Happy sculpting! :slight_smile:

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