Dark Warlord, Daniel Conway (2D)


Great work!
Even though i can see that the only “strong” lightsourch is from behind, it would be cool to have a bit more light in his face, just so we could see the character better. No crits, just a request to see more of your awsome skills=)

But again! Great work! Wish i could do half of that!
:beer: sheers!


:eek: WOW!!:applause:


very nice… very nice… i like the lightning and character… keep on doin it… :slight_smile:


I think you may enjoy Goya paintings. Look at these for composition and human subtleties. Goya also has a very good sense of relative scale. Sorry to be critical.


wow this is good, i like the light glaring out from behind! merging with the bluish green in front… :applause:


it’s easy to tell that you’re not experienced in drawing horses, the flag looks flat/fake, and the picture overall doesn’t really do it for me…kinda boring but other than all that it’s a decent picture


I think the style and composition is awesome! Just curious do you use a drawing tablet to do your pieces? Keep up the great work!!


yeah i use an A6 graphire 2…could do with a new one:(

anyway here are couple of detail shots:)



Nice Lighting. And good use of tight and loose brush handling.


hey! nice style, and very impressive work.
art? of course!, :applause: :applause:


excellent use of color

tho the center of atention is very… obscure so to say, i didn;t knwo where to look at first…

excellent never the less


…my god…

step 1. saw picture, immdiately hit Set as Background

step 2. saw website, immediately looked at it.

step 3. wallowed in utter devistation to find your only 20 and at dundee uni…

step 4. added to favorites and browsed your cool work.

man, your work is insane. its so cool to see work here done by local talent. i’m at abertay uni!


you rull as usual :applause:
very good lighting, ObiOne tought you well, young Jedi! :smiley:


Excellent pic, I really like the color choices you made, especially with the lighting and not giving into the tendency to give unnatural light sources.

I don’t think the flag really works. The way it’s mounted is dope but it doesn’t really feel like it has weight to it and the lettering on it seems much more cg than the rest of the pic which looks so organic. I also think the horse and rider are really stiff. The horse does not have to be attacking obviously but there’s no life in it, even the eyes.

The rendering of the clouds in the background though is some of the better stuff I’ve seen. Good job.


simply amazing----i especially love the mass of people in the background. excellent work all around.


Astounding stuff!
The amount of detail and the attention to the lighting and shading.
A fantastic image. I could only crit the flag, but others have said all I would say anyway.

Malcolmvexxed, maybe it has no life because it’s an evil horse? :twisted:

Jimzip :smiley:


Great work! lighning and atmosphere is very good :slight_smile:


Ayeee, excellent work :smiley:


Thats an awesome picture!


wish i could use photoshop like that, good work, how long did it take??