Dark Warlord, Daniel Conway (2D)


been working on this for the past few days…and now its done:)

a while ago i did a character piece called Dark Samurai which i was never happy with, so i thought it was about time to promote him to a Warlord:)

and thats a mask hes wearing…not his face:surprised


Great! I love that stuff, although I kinda not like the mechanical-theme.

Anyways, I want more of that kinda stuff.


theres no machines in that image though:surprised


ouaahhhhh the light is incredible good stuff daniel


i think the flag the warlord is carrying doesnt look like fabric, it needs more dimension, more shadows…

also the lighting, wouldnt the man at the bottom right have more light on his face? i could be wrong about that

its totally killer tho!!! :beer:


Originally posted by Daniel Conway
theres no machines in that image though:surprised

Yea well I actually mean the metal. The mask and all… :surprised


great lighting…10 outta 10


thanks guys:beer:


its really dramatic… i love it. But as someone posted earlier, add more shadows to the flag. Work it more so it looks like fabric.

good job


Damn, that is really nice! Congrats on finishing it!

What tools did you use?


well ive made the flag darker than it once was…and yes it does look a bit better:)

oh and its all done in Photoshop 7




VG work.:applause:


Great the lighting and the color!!!Very like it…:buttrock:


Very Nice!!!



Absolutely astonishing! The level of detail, composition, fantastic use colouring and lighting. I love the dark atmosphere. I also personally really like the contrast of traditional and new technology. A pleasure to view. I continue to be astounded by the level of painterly work that can be achieved with programs like photoshop. Thanks for sharing it with us.

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Another GREAT work Arcipello! Ive been a great admirer of your work for some time, I first saw your stuff on deviantart but i dont have an account so I couldnt post replies. Anyway Keep up the great work man, Im 17 and an aspiring digital artist and Ill let you know your a big inspiration!
PS–> How exactly do you start your work? Do you just sit down w/ your wacom and start sketching and if it looks good, continue it? Or do you scan in a hand drawn sketch 1st, and then color? I like to take the 2nd approach but this prevents me from going above and beyond what I have on the paper. If that makes any sense… anyway great stuff!:thumbsup:


Great atmosphere! Nice work


great work! I love the light and the backlighting effect!!:beer:


This is freaking great work man! Truely shizting!! I would love to see more like this.