Dark Souls' Elite Knight


Hi folks,

I’m currently doing a little personnal project during my launch pauses at work. I always wanted to model a knight, and Dark Souls is a wonderful inspiration for armors, so I decided to recreate one of them, the Elite Knight one. Here’s some refs:

And here’s where I am so far.

The helmet is nearly complete, just the little leather strip on the back to do, and some details. Next will be the neck and the top of the torso!


The helmet semas very small on the guy. You should rescale to match your ref.

Good work so far


Thanks Scote!
Indeed, you’re right, the heads in Dark Souls seem very small. I rescaled my helmet to match a human-sized head and I think it’s better this way.

Here’s the top coat with the helmet completed and the neck armor parts. Don’t mind the flat areas near the neck, there will be a scarf-like piece of tissue there + a chainmail part. (By the way, the grey part under the coat will also be some chainmail, but for now, it’s just a proxy).

I’m currently working on the left shoulder armor, and I’ll be doing the arms’ armor next.


A quick update:

I managed to get some spare time at home, so I did a shading test for the armor. I wanted it to be rusty and damaged after the long life filled with fights of the Undead wearing it - for now, I’m pretty happy with the result. I’ll add later some fight damages like sword cuts and larger bumps.


More wip!

I did nearly all the arms’ armor parts. Next will be the hands and I’ll give a try with the chainmail parts.
I also did a V2 of my armor shader, which I think is better now, more grey-ish.


Woah, I’m loving this, keep us updated :slight_smile:


Thanks CGXel!

I had a quite busy week at work, so I couldn’t progress very much. I finished the left arm, did the rough shapes of the right arm and began the bottom ones.

I also did a first chainmail test, but I’m not satisfied with it yet: there are too much deformations with the mopKnit technique I used, and even if it looks cool and efficient, I think I’ll have to place each chainmail link by hand in order to have a credible result (in the most visible parts of the character anyway).

I had a lot of trouble with the neck scarf-like tissue though, I couldn’t identify what was supposed to be this thing: a scarf, a teared-off mantle, a random piece of tissue … I did my best to match my refs, but the result isn’t very good. So don’t pay too much attention to this part for now, I’ll retake it later.

Nonetheless, here’s a screen of my current wip:

Next will be the right arm, the neck’s chainmail part and the belt pouches and details.


Long time without news, but here’s an update!

I did a first version of the pants and boots, and I finished the right arm. I still have to make all the chainmail parts yet. I think I have a problem with the character’s feet size; I did them according to some refs from the game, but it looks like they are too thin. I’ll test later a larger version to compare with this one.

Next: the under “skirt” parts (chainmail + heavy denim), the “skirt” part itself, and the belt details.


Some news!

I nearly finished the knight. Most parts are completed, and I’m currently doing what’s missing, like the sheath, the shield, some pouches and other details. I’m still not satisfied with the neck tissue part, but I’ll retake it later. By the way, from now on, I’m gonna render with a clay shader my model.

Next: last details, sheath, chainmail everywhere, adding folds on the leather gauntlet … a lot of little stuff!


Post a Jpg instead of a PNG and I can plug this for you.


This is looking so good! Can’t wait to see it finished!! :slight_smile:


Wow, thanks Travis! I appreciate that. From now on, I’ll post Jpgs only.

Thank you Josh !
Speaking of the devil, here’s an update. I finished the sheath, most of the belt parts, some chainmail parts and a new version of this scarf (still wip). I didn’t extrude all my cloth parts yet, I’m waiting for the end of the model before giving any thickness in my clothes in case I want to retake some of them. Now, only small things are missing, like a dagger and an Estus flask on the belt, all the chainmail parts, the shield and few other things here and there.


is it me or the belt is way too high?


Hey Scote, indeed the belts are a bit high, but that’s not trousers belts, these are sheath belts. According to From Software’s designs and actual historical armors, these kind of belts were put up above the waist to be able for the knight to walk with ease, otherwise the sheath would scrape the ground or slow down the movements. However, this belt doesn’t mean there isn’t a regular one for the pants :slight_smile:

Here’s an update for my knight. I began the texturing of the metal parts, and I’m currently working on the leather ones. I noticed that I forgot some rivets on some armor pieces, so I’ll add them next time